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It's that time of year again- family come together from around the country, friends are invited, and we sit down to a indulgent meal while enjoying each other's company. Well we are very proud to say, this year, your furry friends can also enjoy a special meal. Traditional Thanksgiving fare can be quite unhealthy and sometimes downright dangerous to our four legged family members. Foods such as onions, cooked turkey bones, chocolate, and even salt cause severe gastrointestinal issues and even death so dog owners must be hyper vigilant about keeping these ingredients away from their pets. 
The Dog Bakery is proud to present this year's Barksgiving Dinner. It includes a Turkey pot pie, hand made sweet potato chips, and spinach dip. For dessert, your pup gets an assortment which includes cheese cake, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pawcake, and carrot cake! This dinner offers quite the cornucopia of pleasures for your pup and if you have a small to medium dog, your pup will even get to enjoy leftovers with the rest of the family. This box of refrigerated goodies is only available for pick-up so if you live in the Los Angeles area, be sure to order one for your pup today! Dogs are part of our family and this year, why not say "thanks" to them by giving them their very own special Barksgiving Dinner?  
(Remember local pick up only)

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