Coconut Oil is Good for Dogs, But Can Dogs Eat Coconut?

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Coconut Oil is Good for Dogs, But What About Coconuts?

We’ve all know that coconut oil is good for dogs and humans, but what about regular, straight up coconut? Can dogs eat coconut? And if so, what are the benefits of eating coconut for our canine companions?

The answer to the first question, can dogs eat coconut, is YES! The oil isn’t the only part of the coconut that’s beneficial and healthy for our canine friends. And I’ve discovered recently that my dog simply loves the taste of coconut oil, so why not branch out with other treats containing this superfood?

(If you'd prefer to learn about how awesome coconut is for your dog in a video, check out The Dog Bakery Founder Rocky Kanaka and his three dogs as they tell you all about it!)

And to answer the second question, what are the benefits of dogs eating coconut?

Here are just a few benefits to treating your pup to some good, old-fashioned coconut every now and then.

1.  Coconut is made up of Lauric acid. This substance helps fight against viruses, which in turn helps boost their immune systems.

2.  Coconut also contains albumin which helps in the formation of red blood cells.

3.  It can clear up skin conditions including flea allergies and itchy skin.

4. It can help with bad breath.

5.  It’s even believed to help speed the healing of cuts, wounds, hot spots and more.

So yes, it’s safe. It’s yummy.

Can dogs eat coconut?


Is coconut nutritious?

✅ Yes

And it could potentially help your dog in many different ways. The next question is, how should you give it to them?

Some owners apparently like to give their dog a whole coconut to chew on like a toy.

That’s safe and could save your slippers, but don’t let them actually eat the shell or swallow any of the little hairs on the outside, as these can get lodged in your dog’s throat or digestive tract.

After your best friend is done playing with the coconut, you can open it up and feed them the pulp from the inside.

If you’d prefer not to deal with the mess of a whole coconut, you can also

  • Mix in coconut chips with their dog food or give it to them as a treat. 
  • Use coconut paste to make your dog a special treat, perhaps mixing it with some all natural peanut butter  and freezing it.

  • Give your dog coconut oil, either by the spoonful or by dipping a treat in it. (The one in the photo is made just for dogs)
  • Give your dog treats that have coconut as one of the ingredients like the 100% all natural ones we make at The Dog Bakery specifically for dog's with skin & coat issues.
  • Add coconut milk or coconut water your dog's food or water bowl.

One question that often comes up regarding coconuts and coconut oil is about the high level of saturated fat.

Yes, it’s true that coconuts are high in saturated fat and typically, you do want to avoid saturated fat with your dog. But the fat in coconut is a bit different and is considered safe, in moderation, for your dog.

Of course, you don’t want to give your dog too much. Too much of anything can be a bad thing, and coconut is no different.

When it comes to coconut oil, a good rule of thumb is:

  • 1 teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight 
  • 1 tablespoon per 30 pounds.

But you don’t want to start with these amounts. It’s best to introduce coconut and coconut oil to your dog gradually as it can cause runny poop.

In case you’re wondering, dogs love coconut so it shouldn’t be any problem to get them to eat it. It’s just another yummy human food you can delightfully (and safely) share with your best friend. The options are pretty much limitless. So why not find a recipe for some coconut milk ice cream and share a cool treat with them today? 

Rocky Kanaka

Rocky Kanaka is an entrepreneur, pet rescue advocate and dog dad to a rescue boxer named Flip, a blind Cane Corso called Kobe, and a terrier mix named Zoey. He's also a pet chef and owner of The Dog Bakery, which specializes in dog birthday cakes and fresh baked dog treats. His three dogs can't get enough of the dog cakes and treats!

Lorna Ladd

Lorna Paxton Ladd is a passionate dog lover and enthusiast of The Dog Bakery. She loves spoiling her 3 rescue dogs with dog cakes and jerky. A 15 year veteran in the pet industry, her aim is to educate pet parents on the best recipes, products, tips and tricks to optimize the human/canine bond. Her favorite product at The Dog Bakery are the customizable dog birthday cakes.