• Five Senior Pet Products Every Dog Needs

    Five Senior Pet Products Every Dog Needs

    As much as we pet owners hate to think about it, the reality is that our four-legged friends will age much faster than we will. While we might like to deny it, our pets will inevitably go through the process of aging, which can mean dealing with discomfort from time to time. However, there are many things we can do for our canine companions and many senior pet products on the market that are made to help them remain as comfortable as possible as they age, and help them maintain the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to for as long as...

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  • Spring Cleaning for your Pets

    Spring Cleaning for your Pets

    Many dogs get full run of their human counterparts home - their bed and couch included. But even those regulated to the ground and their own pup beds are still tracking their little paws all over your home. So you might be wondering just how often your dog needs a bath, for their own hygiene and for the sake of your belongings. While this is a topic always up for debate amongst dog groups (some swear by washing weekly, others say they’ve never washed their pup and that’s just fine), we thought it might be helpful to offer up some...

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  • Tales of Amazing Dogs | Healthiest Dry Dog Food

    Tales of Amazing Dogs | Healthiest Dry Dog Food

    Stories of dogs performing noteworthy feats abound throughout history. While some of these tales may have been embellished over time, all of them demonstrate a dog’s capacity for love, loyalty and courage, among other virtues. These five deserving dogs stand out in particular, worthy of accolades and only the healthiest dry dog food. Gander When you see a Newfoundland, or “Newfie”, the phrase that comes to mind is “war dog”. That’s precisely what Gander was, and he participated in no less than World War II itself. Gander used to be a family pet named Pal, until he accidentally injured a...

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  • Top Dog Food Blogs to Give Your Pet a Healthy and Happy Life

    Top Dog Food Blogs to Give Your Pet a Healthy and Happy Life

    Top Dog Food Blogs Just as new parents speed-read through "What to Expect When You're Expecting" as they prepare to welcome their bundle of joy, dog owners would do well to hunker down and get to work reading the internet's best dog food blogs. There's nothing we wouldn't do for our dogs, and this includes uncovering the loads of tips available for keeping them healthy and happy. Unsurprisingly, what your dog consumes has the potential to dramatically affect their quality of life. Help them live the best life they can by arming yourself with the knowledge you need to make...

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  • All Natural Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Pet

    All Natural Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Pet

    Last week on the blog, in the spirit of spring cleaning, we talked about how often to bathe your pets and how often to wash their favorite belongings (leash, bed, food bowl, toys, etc.) While we agreed that there was some wiggle room on most things, we think we found a good general consensus for cleaning across your doggie items. In that same squeaky clean vibe, this week we thought we’d discuss how to clean those same items using all natural products. Since all of the too-be cleaned items come in such close contact with your pup, it’s always best...

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