• Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

    Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

    Can Dogs Eat Cabbage? Crunchy, refreshing, and healthy, it’s no wonder that cabbage is so widely enjoyed by humans. And as with any human food favorite, you’re probably wondering if you can share a bit with your pup! After all, dogs will eat just about anything you give them, but that doesn’t always mean they should.  Aside from their widely-known chocolate allergy, dogs are unable to eat some human treats you may not expect, like grapes or onions. Because of that, it’s always best to err on the side of caution before letting your dog have a taste of your...

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  • Can Dogs Eat Tangerines?

    Can Dogs Eat Tangerines?

    As we enter the hot summer months, plenty of people are taking a bite out of fresh, cold fruit to ward off the heat. A little bit of citrus — with its refreshing bite and pleasant sweetness — is the perfect way to keep yourself hydrated and energized, but can dogs partake in this yummy treat? At The Dog Bakery, we’re committed to making sure every dog gets to enjoy as much of the world’s flavors as they can. That’s why we’re constantly reviewing foods to see if they’re dog-safe. We’ve covered mangos, avocados, and more! Now, we’re taking a...

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  • Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

    Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

    You’ll sometimes hear people talking about their pup’s “raw” diet. This means that they’re feeding their pups raw meat and fresh greens. It seems logical, right? Dogs come from wolves, and wolves eat meat in the wild. They don’t have a stove to cook it on, and they definitely don’t have machines to make kibble for them! So, wouldn’t that mean that dogs can eat raw chicken? Sort of. Today, we’ll be going on a deep dive into this topic! If you’re thinking about switching to a raw diet, you should read this first! There are some risks associated with...

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  • Can Dogs Eat Mango?

    Can Dogs Eat Mango?

    Few things scream “summer” like a slice of mango! Juicy, fresh, and packed with flavor, this delicious fruit is just one of many emblems of enduring fun in the sun. Surely, our pups deserve to enjoy this flavor, too! At The Dog Bakery, we’re dedicated to making sure every pup lives an amazing life. We love seeing owners bonding with their pups, and one of the best ways to do that is through food. Photo credit: @woofylogan Much like people, dogs love tasting new things. Unfortunately, not everything that we eat is safe for our pups. That’s why we’re constantly...

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  • Can Dogs Eat Vanilla?

    Can Dogs Eat Vanilla?

    Vanilla or chocolate? Many of us can’t decide, but even if you love the rich cocoa bean, vanilla is an undeniably delicious flavor. Versatile and distinct, vanilla flavoring is part of everything from ice cream and cake to skincare. Everyone has their favorite vanilla dessert or dish, and there’s probably been a time when they’ve wondered if their canine companions can have a taste. The short answer is that dogs can have vanilla, but it should be given in small amounts, and only in other foods, never on its own. This is especially true if the flavoring is artificial. However,...

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