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Cup O Bones

The Dog Bakery's Cup O Bones is a sampler with 3 of our most popular fresh baked dog bones dipped in colorful yogurt. The flavors of the bones are peanut butter, cheese, and snickerdoodle. Shelf life is 30 days.

1 Treat = 3 Cookies

➡️Order a half dozen (6) Each treat = $2.67

or SAVE 16% per treat with a barkers dozen

➡️Order a "barkers dozen" (13) Each treat = $2.23


PEANUT BUTTER BONE – oat flour, rice flour, peanut butter, honey, oil, applesauce

CHEESE BONE - oat flour, rice flour, cheddar cheese, honey, oil, applesauce 

SNICKERDOODLE BONE - oat flour, rice flour, applesauce, honey, oil, cinnamon 

How many would you like?:

  • Half Dozen ($2.67 per treat)
  • Barkers Dozen ($2.23 per treat)


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