• Good Dog Chews
  • Good Dog Chews
  • Good Dog Chews
  • good dog chews
  • Good Dog Chews
  • Good Dog Chews
  • Good Dog Chews
  • Good Dog Chews
  • Good Dog Chews

Good Dog Chews



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  • These unique chews provide your pup with a different texture experience. They're pliable and chewy, so can be broken in half or thirds or chewed into smaller bites. And they're more durable than your standard chew so they last a bit longer. These chews help promote great oral hygiene and the pumpkin is great for digestion. Each pack is 14 oz.Good Dog Chews from The Dog Bakery

    • ✔️Grain Free

      ✔️Durable, Yet Pliable

      ✔️All Natural

      ✔️Made in the USA

  • Pumpkin Chew Ingredients: Chickpea Flour, Pumpkin, Tapioca, Flour, Rice Flour, Coconut Glycerin, Peanut Flour, Cellulose, Brewers Yeast, Sea Salt, Lactic Acid, Cinnamon 

    Crude Protein (min.) 10.0%,

    Crude Fat (min.) 3.5%,

    Crude Fiber (max.) 5%,

    Moisture (max.) 22.0%.

    Calorie Content (Calculated ME) 3364 kcal/kg 72 kcal per treat

    Cheesy Bacon Ingredients: Chickpea Flour, Coconut Glycerin, Pork,  Tapioca Flour, Brewers Yeast,  Spinach Flakes, Molasses, Salt, Citric Acid, Sorbic Acid 

    Crude Protein (min.) 13.0%,

    Crude Fat (min.) 2%,

    Crude Fiber (max.) 8%,

    Moisture (max.) 20.0%.

    Calorie Content (Calculated ME) 3287 kcal/kg 165 kcal per treat

    Beef & Spinach Ingredients: Chickpea Flour, Pea Flour, Coconut Glycerin, Tapioca Flour, Brewers Yeast,  Molasses, Salt, Cheese Flavor, Citric Acid, Bacon Flavor, Sorbic Acid 

    Crude Protein (min.) 15.0%,

    Crude Fat (min.) 2%,

    Crude Fiber (max.) 8%,

    Moisture (max.) 20.0%.

    Calorie Content (Calculated ME) 3317 kcal/kg 166 kcal per treat

  • Feeding Guidelines: Feed as a treat to your pup. For smaller dogs, chew can be broken into smaller pieces. Always provide plenty of fresh water and monitor your pet when feeding any chew product.