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  • Bowser Beer
  • Bowser Beer
  • Bowser Beer
  • Bowser Beer

Bowser Beer

That's right! A BEER for Dogs! But don't worry, they won't be stumbling around knocking furniture over when they are done with this one. However, they may be barking for more!

 All ingredients are American made and the broth is made from scratch - no onions, salt or fat is added. Malt barley is good for shiney coats and glucosamine aids in joint health. Packaged in 12 oz. plastic recyclable bottles with tamper-proof re-sealable caps.

This beer is sold individually.

  • non-alcoholic
  • no hops
  • no carbonation
  • beef flavor
  • contains glucosamine for joint health

Ingredients: Malt barley, 100% American-made beef/chicken broth, glucosamine, citric acid & sodium benzoate for shelf life. Hops and alcohol free, it is low in calories and fat. Human grade ingredients, with guaranteed analysis listed. Refrigerate after opening.


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