Pig Ears Chews For Dogs- Freeze Dried

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Are you tired of pig ears leaving your dog with an upset tummy and your couch with shiny new grease stain? Well, have no fear, because our freeze-dried Pig Ears are here to save the day (and your furniture)!

Our 48-hour freeze-drying process ensures that all the vital nutrients and natural piggy aromas are locked in, without any artificial flavor enhancers. That means your pup can enjoy guilt-free snacking, and you won't have to worry about finding little greasy paw prints all over your home (because we all know those are impossible to clean up).

But you might be wondering, "Hey, is it safe for my pup to chow down on pig ears?" Our pig ears are totally safe for dogs to chew on, and with hydroxyproline to support healthy joints, your pup will be feeling as spry as a little piglet in no time. In fact, they might even start oinking like a pig from pure joy!

So what are you waiting for? Treat your furry friend to some gluten-free, grain-free, guilt-free Pig Ears, and watch as they go hog wild with excitement! 

Why These Pig Ears Are Awesome:

  • Freeze-dried snacks support oral health and clean teeth
  • Nutritious between meal snack
  • Single-source protein
  • 100% USA sourced, made and packaged
  • Gluten Free, Grain Free, Guilt Free

Our pig ears are freeze-dried and packaged in the USA in small batch sizes, which means they are super fresh when they arrive to you.  The freeze-drying process use locks in the vital nutrients, while removing the moisture. 

Can puppies chew on pig ears? Yes, puppies can chew on pig ears, but it's important to supervise them while they do so. While pig ears are a great source of protein and can help satisfy a puppy's natural urge to chew, they can also pose a choking hazard if the puppy bites off a large piece and tries to swallow it. 


Pig Ear

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Calorie Content : 215 kcal/pc

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