Holiday Stocking For Dogs

Celebrate the season with The Dog Bakery's limited edition Santa Paws Stocking!

It's filled to to the brim with fresh baked goodies made with love just for your pooch. Your dog will enjoy:

  • 🧁️ Holiday Cookie Trio
  • 🍪 Mini Carob Chip Cookies
  • 🦴 Festive Bones
  • 🥛 Probiotic Goat's Milk
  • 🧸️ Squeaky Toy
  • Find out what's included in the stocking.

    Select a Stocking Design:

    • Santa
    • Reindeer
    • Snowman

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    What's Included?

    Holiday Dog Cookies Trio

    Celebrate the festive season with your furry friend with our delightful Holiday Dog Peanut Butter Trio Cookies! This charming set of three cookies is specially crafted to bring joy and deliciousness to your dog's holiday experience.

    Each cookie in the set is uniquely shaped and designed, featuring adorable and festive shapes: Santa Paws, Christmas Tree Dog, and Puppy Stocking. These cookies are not only visually appealing but are also made with the utmost care for your dog's health and taste preferences.

    The set comes packaged in a gift box.

    Ingredients: Oat Flour, Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Peanut Butter, Honey, Applesauce, Egg, Oil, Powdered Sugar, Meringue Powder, Food Coloring, Sprinkles

    Mini Carob Chip Cookies

    Introducing our Mini Carob Chip Cookies – a delightful and safe treat for your beloved canine! This set of four soft and crumbly cookies is the perfect way to pamper your pooch with a delicious snack that's both healthy and 100% dog-safe. Made with carob, a tasty and safe alternative to chocolate, these cookies are designed to provide a guilt-free indulgence for your furry friend.

    Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Honey, Applesauce, Vegetable Shortening, Carob Chips, Baking Soda, Baking Powder

    Festive Bones

    Get your dog into the holiday spirit with our Festive Bones! These crunchy bone-shaped biscuits come in a delightful combination of peanut butter and cinnamon flavors, making them an irresistible treat for your furry friend. Each biscuit is artfully drizzled with festive red and green colors, adding a touch of holiday cheer to your dog's snack time.

    Ingredients: Peanut butter, rolled oats, coconut oil, molasses, peanut flour, honey, barley, flour, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla, Powdered Sugar, Meringue Powder, Food Coloring

    Probiotic Goat's Milk Dunking Jar for Dogs

    Enhance your dog's treat time with our Probiotic Goat's Milk Dunking Jar – a delightful and healthy addition to your pet's snack routine. This cute little jar is filled with specially formulated goat's milk, designed to be the perfect complement for dunking our Festive Bones and Carob Chip Cookies. Loaded with beneficial probiotics, this goat's milk not only adds an extra layer of deliciousness to treats but also aids in digestion, making it a wholesome choice for your furry friend.

    Key Features:

    • Rich in Probiotics: Packed with various probiotics like Lactobacillus Casei, Acidophilus, Rhamnosus, and Bacillus Coagulans, this goat's milk supports healthy digestion and gut health.
    • Dehydrated Goat's Milk Base: The use of dehydrated goat's milk ensures a long shelf life and easy storage, while also providing a nutrient-rich base that's easier to digest than cow's milk.
    • Enhances Treat Time: Designed to pair perfectly with our Festive Bones and Carob Chip Cookies, this milk adds an extra dimension of taste and enjoyment.
    • Fermentation Products for Digestive Health: Contains Dried Aspergillus Oryzae, Niger, and Trichoderma Reesei Fermentation Products, along with Dried Pineapple Fermentation Product, all known for their digestive benefits.
    • Easy to Prepare: Simply mix with water to create a delicious, creamy milk that's ready for dunking.
    • Cute and Convenient Packaging: Comes in an adorable jar that's easy to store and serves as a charming addition to your pet's treat collection.
    Kris Kringle Puppuccino

    Your dog will be thirsty for more after playing with this fun Kris Kringle puppuccino toy that's super plush and fitted with a squeaker for added playtime enjoyment.

    Choice of Stocking

    These stockings are decorated with assorted whimsical Christmas characters, choose either a santa, reindeer or snowman.

    They also have the added touch of soft, white, fleece-like cuffs.


    Width: 9 in

    Height: 16.5 in

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