• Holiday Oatmeal Bites 🌟
  • Holiday Oatmeal Bites 🌟
  • Holiday Oatmeal Bites 🌟

Holiday Oatmeal Bites 🌟

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We love making our oatmeal cookies for dogs, and not just because they’re cute and delicious! Oatmeal Cookie Bites are packed with nutritious, wholesome ingredients like chia seeds and coconut oil. They’re just as healthy as they are yummy!

These miniature bites of oatmeal cookies for dogs are a fun reward for the end of a training session, or an everyday treat. Small enough for dogs of every size, we’ve made these bites extra special with a drizzle of yogurt and carob. NOTE: Carob is 100% safe for dogs. It is not chocolate.


*Colors may vary seasonally



    Barley flour, palm oil, honey, rolled oats, oat flour, flax, coconut oil, chia seeds, cheddar cheese, cinnamon, natural bacon flavor, powdered sugar, meringue powder, food coloring

    Shelf stable for up to 30 days