custom celebration cakes for dogs

Celebrate in Style!

Baking for over a decade, we've perfected all- natural fresh-baked cakes that look as good as they taste - dog tested, puppy approved.

We understand how to bake a delicious dog-friendly cake to perfection, and our cakes are the highest quality. When you cut into our cakes you will notice it is not a hard biscuit or cookie, it is full fledged, human quality, fluffy cake.

If you require a special-ocassion cake, like a tiered cake, we are happy to help. Our pastry chef is an artist at heart and loves to customize cakes to our clients specifications. So if you require special colors, shapes, themes or any other cake variation, contact us with the details and we'll provide you with a quote and time frame.

Please let us know:

  • How large would you like the cake(in inches or how many servings you need)
  • What is the occasion
  • Do you have special artwork you'd like us to use as a guide? If so what?
  • Should the cake be for a girl dog, a boy dog or unisex?
  • Will the cake be shipped(note there are limitations on the size and shape of cakes we can ship), picked up in store or delivered.

Superbowl sunday football cake

THe Superbowl party wouldn't have been the same without something yummy for the dog. This special-occasion cake was made with coconut flakes and all natural color and contained Rice flour, Potato Starch, Baking Powder, Egg, Applesauce, Honey, Oil

penny cake

The dog's name is Penny so we created a Happy Birthday Penny Cake. The image of Abe and the writing is made from dog-safe carob and the siding is crushed peanuts.

We made this one with grain free ingredients which include: buckwheat flour(which is not a wheat or a grain), pumpkin puree, honey, oil, egg & baking soda.

tiered cake

This wedding cake was made for the marriage of two rescue dogs, and hosted by the SPCA.

It is a tiered cake with two layers. But we can make them with even more layers, and with colored siding and a custom message.

Carob Inspired

Chocolate may not be safe for dogs, but our dog-approved, puppy tested carob is a real pup pleaser.

This chocolatey-looking cake was actually colored using all-natural beet juice and all natural, wholesome ingredients.

Awesome Argyle!

An Argyle cake for Buster's 5th Birthday was the request of our customer. We frosted and decorated this all natural, handmade cake and further customized it with "Happy Birthday Buster" (not shown).

The cake was finished with a crushed peanut siding.

The Luck of the Irish!

We can create any kind of seasonal or special occasion cake even one for St Paddy's Day.

The wheat free ingredients include Rice flour, Potato Starch, Baking Powder, Egg, Applesauce, Honey, Oil