Doggie Burger Cake

This adorable cake that looks just like a burger, is the perfect way to include your dog during barbecues and festivities.

Made just for dogs, the cake is all natural and freshly baked for each order.  

At 5 inches wide this cake can feed feed 2 - 7 dogs in one sitting (depending on the size of the dog).

The "meat patty" in the center is a grain-free cake hand-dipped in carob. And the bun on top and bottom are the same cakes we use for our celebration cakes, but with sesame seeds sprinkled on top.

Our Burger Cake is not to be confused with our Slider. The slider is crunchier, and can be eaten in one bite by a larger dog. 

The Burger Cake on the other hand is much larger and has a cake-like consistency. (see photo below)

To make the party complete, get your pup a dog-safe beer. You can find them here.

Ingredients: rice flour, potato starch, buckwheat flour, egg, applesauce, honey, oil, baking powder, baking soda, sesame seeds, carob chips and yogurt chips, food color added.



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