Puppy Love Valentine Bundle For Dogs

Lavish the puppy love of your life with their very own Valentine's Bundle. They won't be able to resist the the grain free cake, treats and toys. It'll keep 'em coming back for more 😍 so plan on a night full of playful snuggles and kisses. We WILL sell out so order today! What's included? See full list below!

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What's Included?

Grain Free Cake

This exquisite Valentine's cake is made from scratch, baked to perfection then decorated by hand! Our pastry chef sources only wholesome, local, natural ingredients for your pup. 100% Wholesome 100% Yummy.


Buckwheat Flour, Baking Powder, Egg, Honey, Oil, Tapioca Flour, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Shortening, Sprinkles, Food Coloring

Cake Dimensions:

4" Round

Chicken Jerky

Jerky For Dogs

βœ”οΈ 100% Sourced & Made in the USA
βœ”οΈ Three Day Air Dried Then Slow Baked
βœ”οΈ Absolutely Nothing Artificial (seriously!)

Immunity & Digestion Formula

🐢 Pumpkin helps quell an upset stomach due to constipation or diarrhea
🐢 Blueberries, which contain anthocyanns, aid in neutralizing free radicals and boosting cognitive function.
🐢 Cranberries support bladder & kidney health.


Chicken, Pumpkin, Vegetable Glycerin, Blueberries, Cranberries, Vinegar, Rosemary Extract

Fuzz Bear

Unleash a flood of endearing warmth with this adorable squeaky Bear. Your furry companion will fall head over paws for this lovable plush toy and will want to snuggle it all day long. A perfect gift to show your dog some love this Valentine's Day.


Height 18cm (7.2in) x Width 10cm (4in).

Conversation Heart Cookie

This scrumptious cookie is fresh baked and hand decorated in our bakeries.

Size: 3"


Oat flour, Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Honey, Applesauce, Egg, Oil, Yogurt Chips, Tapioca flour, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Shortening, Food coloring

Organza Bag

Gift this bundle to your favorite dog in our soft pink organza bag!