10 Durable, Eco-Friendly Dog Toys for The Toughest Chewers

dog playing with toy

Some dogs are master destroyers. No matter what toy you give them, no matter how much you spend, it seems they tear it to shreds within minutes. Not only can this get to be expensive, it can also be dangerous for your dog. Even the smallest pieces can cause obstructions in the dog's gut, and any toy that can be easily destroyed is probably not a good fit for your pooch. For many dog owners, it seems like there are no toys on the market made for their destructive and powerful dog. And let's face it... We all want our dogs to have fun and to play with us. Whether it's fetch or tug-of-war, it's just nice being able to play with your best friend. Thankfully, meaning not only are you helping out your dog, but you're helping protect the environment as well. Win-Win! Here's our list of eco-friendly dog toys that were built for the toughest chewers out there.

1. Hurley Dog Bone by West Paw Design - This toy is a stick, a ball and a bone, all rolled into one. Not only is this toy guaranteed to last, it's also recyclable and certified safe. It's part of the Zogoflex line of dog toys, and it's not the only one of their toys that have made our list. It comes in four colors and three sizes, and the price starts at $10.95. Not bad at all for a toy that's guaranteed to last. And yes, it's dishwasher safe too, so it's easy to clean.

2. Jive Dog Ball by West Paw Design - Like the dog toy above, this ball is part of the ZogoFlex line of toys, and it's the most durable ball from West Paw Design. Not only is it guaranteed to last, it's also buoyant, making it the ideal ball to take to the beach or to play with in the pool. Perfect size for a ball thrower in case you don't want to get slobber all over your hards. As above, this toy is recyclable and can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

3. Tux Treat Toy by West Paw Design - If you haven't discovered the joys of a treat toy, you're truly missing out. The thing with treat toys is that it goes above and beyond the call of duty. Yes, it provides your dog with something to chew on, but it also provides your dog with treats as they chew on it, making them less likely to turn that powerful jaw on your shoes or furniture. Not only that, but West Paw Design considers this one of their toughest dog toys.

4. The Launcher with Orbee Ball - Does your dog like to play fetch, but you simply can't throw the ball far enough to make them happy? Well that's where The Launcher comes in handy. It allows you to pick up the ball and send the ball flying into the air. But not only is it great for fetch, it's also durable and designed to stand up to hardcore chewing. And because we're all about eco-friendly toys, yes, this toy is made from quality reclaimed materials.

5. Plaid Scottie Toy by Harry Barker - Perhaps you're all stocked up on balls and bones, but would like something both cuddly and durable. Sound like an oxymoron? Well, it doesn't have to be. This adorable stuffed toy is designed to look like a Scottie. But not only is it cute, it's durable, and can withstand hours of playing. And it's stuffed from eco-friendly fiberfill made from recycled plastic bottles, so you know it's environmentally friendly too!

6. Cotton Rope Alligator Toys by Harry Barker - Okay, so maybe the plaid Scottie isn't your style. If that's the case, and you're still wanting something cute to add to your dog's collection, these adorable rope alligator toys by Harry Barker fit the bill. Not only are they durable and made for tough chewers, they're made from a machine-washable cotton can help clean your dog's teeth while they chew.

7. Cotton Rope Bone by Harry Barker - Teething puppies can do a lot of damage, but these toys are made just for them. An added trick is tossing them into the freezer a few hours before giving them to your pet, and then let them chew away. Durable, cute, and the recycled cotton yarn cleans their teeth too! And don't worry, these toys are machine-washable, making them easy to clean.

8. Wreath Rubber Dog Toy by Harry Barker - See a trend here, huh? Harry Barker offers so many great durable, yet eco-friendly dog toys, but this is possibly one of the toughest toys they have. This wreath toy is 100% recyclable and meant to hold up to the toughest chewers. Also makes for a great game of tug of war!

9. Eco Rattler with Squeaker by Honest Pet Products - Dogs love squeak toys. Problem is, powerful chewers often find a way to remove the squeaker within a few seconds, destroying the toy in the process. This isn't the case with this Eco Rattler toy, which is designed to be durable. This toy is made from durable HEMP canvas, making the outer layer 100% natural. Also, as an added bonus, it's natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, easily cleaned and the company employs disabled people to help make the toys. Just an all around good product.

10. Diamond Plate Ball by Planet dog - With a name like Diamond Plate, this toy better be tough. It's ranked as one of Planet Dog's most durable toys. And if you already have too many balls, there's also the Double Tuff made from the same Diamond Plate material. And yes, both are recyclable. Need you even ask?

Every single one of these toys can either be thrown in the dishwasher or tossed in the washing machine. But what's the point in spending money on eco-friendly, non-toxic toys if you're just going to clean them with chemicals? Go the extra mile in keeping your dog (and the planet) safe by washing your dog's toys in an all-natural product.

For toys that are dishwasher safe, Grab Green Dishwasher Detergent will do the trick, and it's non-toxic and safe, so you don't have to worry about any chemical residue making your pooch sick. It's naturally-derived and safe for the environment too, which is perfect for the person interested in eco-friendly, durable toys. If you still prefer to wash everything by hand, that's fine. Just use Grab Green Dish Soap instead. It's still made with naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients, so you know you're doing right by your pet when using it.

And for the Harry Barker cotton toys or any stuffed toy that's washing machine safe, Grab Green Laundry Detergent is a superior, yet safe, cleaner.  Made of naturally derived, plant and mineral based ingredients, you can rest assured that your dog's toys will come out of the wash clean and ready for play again in no time!

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