The Perfect Dog Gift

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I remember when I was growing up our neighbor always thought it was strange that our family had a holiday stocking for our dog.  To us it just made sense.  If we have holiday stockings up for each family member why wouldn’t we add one for our dog who was as much of a family member as anyone.  She was just as excited as us during holiday activities.  All be it she may have been a bit more excited about the discarded wrapping paper than any of us she was always as joyful and excited as any family member.  That was over 10 years ago and what’s really great about that memory of the neighbor thinking we were strange is that they now have three dogs!  And you better believe they have three holiday stocking hanging over the fireplace each filled with gifts for Molly, Max, and Bubba. 

So what is the perfect dog gift?  It’s easy.  Something the dog can eat or play with.  We see picky dogs every day and almost always win them over as long as it is something the pup can eat, chew or play with.  When picking the perfect dog gift keep in mind our top selling treats for this holiday are anything fresh baked with peanut butter or cheese followed by a chew or a toy.   To see our locally made selection visit our online shop.

The holidays are in full force and we are baking up batches of fresh treats and wrapping bows around rawhide and toys.  We hope to see you in the store, hear from you or send out a special order of the perfect dog gift.

Happy HoliDOG from The Dog Bakery

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