Celebrate National Pit Bull Day: Show Love and Appreciation for Pit Bulls with These Fun Ideas!

National Pit Bull Day, celebrated annually on the last Saturday of October, is a special day dedicated to advocating for and changing the perception of pit bulls. Started in 2007 by Bless The Bullys, a non-profit rescue organization based in Tennessee, National Pit Bull Day aims to increase positive conversations and education about these lovable yet misunderstood dogs. As a proud pit bull owner, or someone who supports this breed, there are many fun and meaningful ways to celebrate this day with your furry friend.

A Brief History

National Pit Bull Day is an annual event that started in 2007 by Bless The Bullys as a way to advocate for and change the perspective of pit bulls. Bless The Bullys is a Tennessee-based non-profit rescue whose mission is to restore the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier. 

It is no secret that pit bulls tend to attract negative media attention and, as a result, have a poor reputation among several individuals. With National Pit Bull Day comes the opportunity to advocate against wrong information and for the lives of pit bulls so they do not end up neglected or abandoned in shelters.

National Pit Bull Day is also dedicated to the pit bulls, the responsible owners of these dogs, and the advocates of American Pit Bull Terriers nationwide. It is a nationwide effort to increase the positive conversations and education of people in our communities about the lovable yet easily misunderstood dogs that pit bulls are. 

If you are interested in seeing how you can celebrate this day with your pets and the impact that it holds in creating a safe and welcoming environment for Pit Bulls, keep reading!

How to Celebrate the Pitt Bulls Around You on National Pit Bull Day

Treat Your Dog To Some Paw Cakes

National Pit Bull Day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate with Confetti Pawcakes from The Dog Bakery. These wheat-free dog treats are not only delicious, but also irresistibly cute with their mini cupcake shape, yogurt icing, and multicolor confetti sprinkles. 

Capture the moment by snapping adorable photos of your pit bull enjoying these paw-some treats and sharing them on social media with the hashtag #PitBullDay and #TheDogBakery. Your furry friend will appreciate the love and attention, and you'll have precious memories to cherish. So, go ahead and spoil your pit bull with Confetti Pawcakes and make National Pit Bull Day a truly delightful celebration!

A nice day at the dog park 

Celebrate by taking your pit bull to the dog park to run and play around with other dogs. Pack some treats with you and your pit bull’s favorite toy, and have fun at the dog park. If possible, take your pit bull to a new park or take a long walk in a new location. 

Pet play date

Bring your dog’s friends in from around town and have a pet play date. You can use your backyard or head over to a dog park or dog beach with everyone for a day of running around, fetch, belly rubs, and treats.

Throw a party 

Source: Bestfriends.org

Order a party cake that ships right to your front door from the Dog Bakery, and make it a party for your pet. Invite your family and friends, as well as their pets, and make some memories. Decorate with some pit bull stickers, put some pit bull cutouts all over the house, and let's not forget those cute party hats for all the invited dog guests. To sum it off, feel free to go as small or as big with your celebration

Get them a new toy or new toys

“You have many toys for your pets," said no one ever. Spoil your pets and get them some new toys to chew on and play around with. The Dog Bakery has a nice collection of toys to choose from in all shapes and colors. Spend National Pit Bull Day with your pit bull(s), playing with their new toys and enjoying each other’s presence.

Post those pictures

You know that album on your phone with too many pictures of your pet? Yes, that’s the one! National Pit Bull Awareness Day is the perfect time to spam your social media with cute and adorable pictures of your pit bull. Share it all and let people see your dog’s silly face, grumpy face, sleepy face

Tell and show your pet you love them

Above all, spend the day showing and telling your pet that you love them. Do the things that you both love to do together, whether that’s watching a movie, dancing around the house, going for a car ride, or going on a run together. 

Have a conversation

Finally, feel free to have conversations with friends and family, both in person and on social media, that educate and bring a new perspective to the loving dogs that are pit bulls.


Here at Dog Bakery, we have a mission to bake up the most delicious dog food treats for dogs everywhere, and we hope we can make celebrating National Pit Bull Day a day for you and your pet to remember fondly.

A Sample Itinerary for Pit Bull Day:

Wake up for a morning walk, and do not forget to grab some dog bakery treats to take along.
  • Take pictures and share them. Use hash tags #PitBullDay and #TheDogBakery
  • Open up some dog treats and take more pictures.
  • Head over to the dog park for a picnic and more fun.
  • Make it a pet date and invite other pet owners to come with their pets.
  • Take more pictures.
  • After spending the day at the park, end it off with a cake. 
  • Take some more pictures and post them on your favorite social networks with some cool dog quotes.
  • Don’t forget to hug your pit bull and shower them with love.

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