Dog Food News: Taxing Pet Food?

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The issue of taxation has recently been a hot topic in dog food news. The guidelines regarding which pet food is taxed and which is not has become a seriously gray area.

Forbes Magazine recently published the article, “Tax Pet Food? Even Amazon Can’t Define It,” highlighting the dodgy rules surrounding the taxation of food.

When it comes to human food, people typically do not pay taxes on uncooked food ─ such as fare purchased at a grocery store or farmer’s market ─ but are taxed on prepared food.

However, the same rules to not apply to food specifically made for pets, such as dog food.

News outlets have picked up on the fact that stores charge for packaged pet food, but if for example, you told a grocery store cashier you were buying a steak to prepare for your dog, they would not have a way to tax your purchase.

Taxation on Dog Food ─ News Stories

A small family produce wholesaler recently made headlines in California, after tax auditors attempted to hit them with eight years of back taxes for goods delivered to the zoo. The company had clients all over their local area, including schools, hospitals, and the zoo. While produce delivered to schools and hospitals was sold tax-free, officials argued that all food sold to the zoo should have been taxed as it was fed to animals, not humans.

Some of the produce sold to the zoo was worked into menu items sold to humans at snack bars, but as the company only delivered the goods, they were unable to satisfy tax auditor’s demands of wanting to know the exact percentage fed to animals.

Tax auditors attempted to charge the small wholesaler with eight years of back taxes on produce sold to the zoo, which would have put them out of business. Ultimately, a ruling in favor of the wholesaler by the California Board of Equalization saved the company from the tax penalties.

This is just one instance of taxation making waves for pet owners, including those trying to purchase dog food. News of bizarre taxes faced by pet owners often make headlines.

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