Kibble is a Great Source of Nutrition for Puppies


Make Your Own Puppy Kibble

Seriously, who doesn't love puppies? Cute, cuddly, often confused—it's hard not to be obsessed. The best thing you can do for your little pup is to care for and nurture them, all while implementing good eating habits to ensure a long, happy, and healthy life. In addition to proper grooming and training, you'll want to start your pup off with a healthy eating regimen. This entails choosing the perfect kibble to fit your pet's specific needs. In order to make informed decisions affecting the digestive health of your little furry loved one, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the different types of kibble out there.

What is kibble, you ask? Let's break down the ever-complicated chemistry of what constitutes “kibble.” Kibble is a dry food specifically comprised of ingredients to benefit fast-growing puppies. A premium product with minimal processed materials is the absolute best thing to feed your pup.

Advantages of a Healthy Diet

You don't need to tell a seasoned dog owner what a healthy diet can do. Parents of pets are well aware. Bright eyes and a soft, shiny coat are just a couple of the perks of healthy eating habits. In addition to the joy that comes with caring for a happy, healthy pup, there are other pros to feeding your pet properly. In addition to regular, firm stools—yay!—it will also be conducive to a dog's healthy, active personality. While mellow puppies are no doubt adorable, optimal health manifests itself in energetic, rambunctious pups with an adventurous side.

Try any of The Dog Bakery  Food  flavors: Peanut Butter and Jelly Bones, Chicken Jerky! All of our dog food kibble is suitable for ALL LIFE STAGES (including puppy) and for every bag that you purchase, we will donate a bag to a dog in need!

Homemade Puppy Kibble

For a fun, do it yourself project, you can also make homemade kibble for your pup! Follow this simple recipe to bake up a batch of delicious puppy kibble.

4 cups cooked lean meat (chicken, turkey, beef, lamb or rabbit)

5 cups cooked vegetables (sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots)

2 cups of flour

1.) Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Place cooked lean meat into a food processor or blender. Add a small amount of oil if needed.

2.) Place cooked vegetables into a food processor and puree. Place in a large bowl along with the pureed meat.

3.) Add flour 1/2 cup at a time until you create a thick dough. Roll onto a cookie sheet. Bake for one to three hours, inspecting every so often to evaluate consistency. The mixture should now be brown and in the beginning stages of hardening. Remove from oven. Allow for cooling and hardening before breaking into small pieces. Store in an airtight container and feed your pup as needed.

Buy The Dog Bakery for Your Healthy Pup and Feed Another Pup In Need

Besides unconditional love, a tasty, heart-healthy meal is the best thing you can give your pup. When a happy, healthy dog is the goal, check out the whole line of The Dog Bakery  treats! Always made from healthy and high quality ingredients, when you buy any The Dog Bakery product, we donate a product to a dog in need. To positively impact the lives of other dogs as well as your own, order from The Dog Bakery  today!

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