• Recipes for a Safe & Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner for Your Dog

    Recipes for a Safe & Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner for Your Dog

      When you settle down for Thanksgiving dinner this year, are you planning to include your fur child in the festivities? He’ll no doubt be there anyway, with those sad puppy dog eyes eyeballing that drumstick in Uncle Bob’s hand, wishing hopefully with his little tongue hanging out and tail wagging, on alert for a lick or two of gravy or a dropped morsel or two. His Own Barksgiving Feast This year can be different – you can make him his very own Thanksgiving meal and forego the long looks when you don’t slip him a few noms under the...

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  • Gourmet Valentine's Day Treats for your Dog

    Gourmet Valentine's Day Treats for your Dog

    Whether or not you have a human Valentine, don't forget that your dog aka your furry Valentine is the sweetest and most loyal Valentine that you've ever had. That's why at The Dog Bakery, we made 3 special gourmet treats with your dog in mind. The Dog Bakery's puppy petit fours are like a box of chocolate's for dogs. And don't worry, it's dog friendly and doesn't contain any chocolate. Our puppy petit fours are made of a heart shaped dog biscuit, hand dipped in carob and yogurt. Grab a box of chocolates for yourself and eat "chocolates" in bed together....

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  • The Perfect Dog Gift

    I remember when I was growing up our neighbor always thought it was strange that our family had a holiday stocking for our dog.  To us it just made sense.  If we have holiday stockings up for each family member why wouldn’t we add one for our dog who was as much of a family member as anyone.  She was just as excited as us during holiday activities.  All be it she may have been a bit more excited about the discarded wrapping paper than any of us she was always as joyful and excited as any family member.  That...

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