• Overcoming Separation Anxiety Once and For All

    Overcoming Separation Anxiety Once and For All

    We know it's hard to leave your dog and go to work everyday. Many of us would rather stay home with our best friend all day if we could, wouldn't we? But it's an unfortunate fact that many of us simply can't afford to do that. And we know it's not just hard on you, but it can be hard on your best friend too. Especially if there's a change in routine or you have a new dog in your life who's not yet comfortable without you nearby. When I first got Annabelle, my Great Dane, she was 8 weeks...

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  • Training Isn't Enough: How to Bond With Your Dog

    how to bond with your puppy

    People laugh at how my Great Dane, Annabelle, will sit on my lap at the vet's office. Or how at the dog park, when she's nervous, she leans on me and plays next to me. But these same people aren't laughing when it's time to leave the dog park, and Annabelle walks right along beside me, ready to go home without a fight, this is because I’ve learnt how to build a bond with your dog. They're also not laughing when my boyfriend and I were so absent-minded one day, we forgot to put on her leash and let her...

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  • Acid Reflux in Dogs: Diet Dos and Don'ts

    Acid Reflux in Dogs: Diet Dos and Don'ts

    Did you know your dog can get acid reflux? Many people probably don't even consider the fact that like humans, dogs can also have problems with acid indigestion. No, they don't get it from eating Indian food or buffalo wings like we do, but food does play a large role in reflux for dogs. The first question you may ask is, what are the symptoms of acid reflux in dogs? The most common symptom is spitting up or regurgitation of their food. However, you my also witness your dog whining when they swallow, or they may even go as far...

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  • 14 Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work

    14 Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work

      Most modern pet parents lead very busy lives with jobs and children, and our dogs often end up spending a good portion of the day home alone. A lonely, bored dog will find a way to occupy her time that can be destructive to your furniture and clothes and potentially harmful to herself. Here’s a list of 14 ways to keep your dog busy while you’re at work. 1. Let your dog watch television. Turn on your TV to the Animal Planet™ station and up the volume. The sights and sounds of barking dogs and mewing cats helps to stimulate...

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