Why Savvy Pet Parents Are Mixing Raw Goat’s Milk in their Dog’s Kibble

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Why Savvy Pet Parents Are Mixing Raw Goat’s Milk in their Dog’s Kibble

Organic. All-natural. Raw. What do these words bring to mind? If you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking of food. Health food in particular. You can’t go anywhere these days without food companies tossing those buzzwords out left and right. And there’s a reason for that.

Not only are we more conscious of what we’re eating, we’re also paying more attention to the foods we feed our pets. After all, they’re our best friends, and if we deserve the best, don’t they deserve it too?

Raw milk has been in the news for a while now, but for those pet owners in the know, the next big thing is not raw cow’s milk, but raw goat’s milk.

If you just gave me the side-eye right now, I understand. For many, the concept of goat’s milk is a strange one, but bear with me for a second. You’ll be glad you did.

Sure, most of us grew up getting milk from a carton in the refrigerator that came from the supermarket. And more than likely, that milk came from a cow. Relatively few people have had the luxury of drinking raw cow’s milk. But for those who have, there really is no going back to the pasteurized stuff sold in stores.

But if that’s all you know, you’re truly missing out. Goat’s milk has been hailed as one of the most complete, natural food sources known to man. It’s full of vital nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, electrolytes and more – all while being more digestible than cow’s milk and lacking the complex proteins that are often associated with allergies.

And if goat’s milk is so amazing for us, why not share it with our canine (and feline) companions? Not only is it safe to give your pet goat’s milk, it’s also incredibly good for them. Although raw milk for human consumption  is illegal, if the milk is sold for pets, it’s ok if it’s sold for dogs. We recommend the raw goats milk from Primal Foods.

A few of the highly touted benefits of including goat’s milk as part of a regular, healthy pet food diet include:

* Help with digestive issues. Goat’s milk is full of natural probiotics – those little buggers that help prevent problems like colitis, diarrhea, IBS and more. Those are all problems that can make your dog or cat miserable (and give us more messes to clean up as well). Goat’s milk is better than probiotic pills or powders because it absorbs quickly, usually within 20 minutes, and is gentle on the tummy.

* Alleviate allergies and itching. Another benefit of probiotics is that they fight off yeast. Goat’s milk also contains high levels of caprylic acid, which is also a natural yeast destroyer. If you’ve ever had a yeast infection, you know how awful it can be. Believe it or not, your pets can get yeast infections too – and not just in their girl or boy bits, but also in their ears and other parts of the body, including their paws. Have you ever watched your dog chew and bite at their paws, sometimes leaving hot spots? It very well could be yeast or allergies. And goat’s milk can help you stop that itching once and for all.

* Relieve arthritis symptoms and joint paint. The same enzymes that help with digestion can also help alleviate inflammation and pain in the joints. It also helps improve circulation, which can reduce (or eliminate) arthritis symptoms, giving your sweet pooch some much needed pep in their step.

And this is only the beginning. Other research has shown that carotene found in the milk can also prevent cancer, while the fat known as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is believed to shrink cancerous tumors in some cases.

But beyond that, it also makes for a nutritious, yummy treat that your pet is sure to love. After all, when have you known a dog to turn down a new treat? Case closed.

How to Serve Goat’s Milk to Your Dog.

While some call goat’s milk the world’s most complete food, we obviously don’t suggest feeding only that to your pet. Make sure to include it as part of a well-rounded and nutritious diet. Try adding it over their kibble taking an already nutritious meal above and beyond.

After all, doesn’t your best friend deserve the best nature has to offer?

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