You must take your dog to these 6 places in California

The state of California is filled with many amazing attractions, some of which are well-known while others are less traveled. Whether you're a native or a tourist to our golden state, it's always fun to go on an adventure and explore new places, especially if you're doing it with a four-legged companion. Here's a list of 6 places in California where you won't only be able to immerse yourself in the incredible sights and culture but also enjoy the great outdoors and bask in the love and friendship of your dog.

1. Huntington Dog Beach, Huntington Beach

Huntington Dog Beach is at the northern end of Huntington Beach in southern California. It consists of the borderline of the Pacific Ocean in the west and is home to mind climate almost throughout the year. The beach hosts diverse dog parents appreciating its flamboyant ambiance. Dogs can freely play in the sand and relish surfing in this surf city. 

dog beach huntington beach

The only condition is your dog must not be aggressive. The beach authorities are strict about that. They do intend to compromise on the freedom and safety of any visitor. The beach includes all fundamental necessities such as ample parking space, clean public restrooms, green landscapes for a picnic, and public access to drinking water, both for humans and dogs.

2. The Douglas Family Preserve, Santa Barbara

The Douglas Family Preserve is a public park stationed in Santa Barbara, California. However, citizens of Santa Barbara are still used to calling it by its older name, i.e., Wilcox Property. This place is utterly dreamy. It is considered one of the best coastal hiking spots. It is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. 

The Douglas Family Preserve, Santa Barbara

Here, dogs can be off-leash in the permitted areas. The park has also got a pacific coastline view. You can enjoy a nice low-stress walk along with your dog here. Or your dog can even meet many new friends as it performs quality safety services and undoubtedly is a safe abode for all beings. 

3. Mammoth Lakes

An alluring town placed in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. Mammoth Lake is an abode of mounting rainbow falls. This place consists of the slope of the Mammoth Mountains, a nearby view of June lakes, ultimate alpine scenery, lakes of mammoth lakes basin, and the dusty deserted road of Bodie state historic park. 

Mammoth Lakes, CA

No matter what time of the year you choose for your visit, Mammoth lakes won’t disappoint you. Mammoth lake is a dog-friendly site and offers them exposure to lakes, beaches, hot springs, a hot creek geological site, and the warming hut. Seasonal-specific activities for dogs are also in the curriculum of this place. 

4. Carmel Beach, Carmel

Carmel Beach is one of the top beaches in California. Located in Monterey County, the beach is a heaven for all the surfers. The water over here is crystal clear with the scenic pathway. There is also free parking available.

Carmel Beach, CA

But what catches the attention is the outright scenario for the dogs. Dogs can experience their feet peddling on the white sands of this extensive beach without any leash. Steep dunes are performing as an eclosure on the borderlines. Hence, safety is all in control.

5. Death Valley

Death Valley, named one of the hottest places on earth, is a desert valley. It is located in Eastern California bordering the Great Basin desert is a vast national park with millions of visitors each year. It is home to numerous plant and animal species. Accommodations are also plenty in the form of campgrounds, Furnace Creek Ranch, Springs resorts, and well villages.

Death Valley

Pets are welcomed in Death valley but only in the developed area. They are not allowed on the rugged trails. They are also supposed to be on a leash but not the one longer than 6 feet is recommended. But you can enjoy a long road ride, campground experience, a memorable picnic, and much more stuff in this rustic land of beauty.

6. Marin County

Marin County falls in northern California and is across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Marin County is a place of open space and is home to several parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The mountains, green travel marins, and supreme food tour of this place make it homely yet godly. 

Marin County

California is a great place to have dogs. There are so many pieces of stuff especially designed for them. When the place is itself doing a lot, absolute safety is the only concern left. Getting pet insurance in California is also convenient. Insurance can look after your vet bills, unexpected accident coverage, and all types of medications and treatments.

Marine county is one of the best choices for your pets. With off-leash and remote beaches, open environment, dog-friendly restaurants, pet-friendly lodges, and space reserves for parks and hiking. Your dog along with you can have a blast over there.

In Conclusion

What should you do if you live in California, are lucky enough to own a dog, and have a vacation on the horizon? You take your dog to all of those places listed over there! With summer around the corner and the weather finally starting to turn warm, it's high time for a vacation and some much-needed relaxation. If relaxation doesn't include a short trip with your pooch, then we don't know what does.


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