National Puppuccino Day

September 23rd is National Puppuccino Day

National Puppuccino Day celebrates the amazing connection between people and their pets. It's also a fun way to raise awareness about shelter dogs showcasing how they can make awesome pets.

'Puppuccino' was coined by Pet Rescue Advocate Rocky Kanaka in 2008 when he started serving cups of whipped crem to dogs that came into his store. It was an instant success. Since then he's made many videos featuring the puppuccino. One of the most popular ones is when he drove through a Starbucks drive thru and ordered 100 puppuccinos for 100 homeless dogs then published the video on went viral.


Since then pet parents have been treating their fur kids with this beverage and dogs are loving it! There's nothing better than seeing a dog with a dollop of foam on their nose!

Join Rocky on September 23 by treating your pup to a puppuccino and, if you're able, also treating a dog in need.

3 Reasons You Should Celebrate National Puppuccino Day

1. Raises awareness about dogs in need
2. Who doesn't love to see a dog with a dollop of foam on their nose?
3. Dogs love puppuccinos so it's a fun and silly thing to do for your dog that they will appreciate!



3 Ways To Celebrate National Puppuccino Day

1a. Make your dog a puppuccino and be entertained as he/she laps it down. Grab the recipe here

1b. Alternatively, drive through the Starbucks drive thru and order a puppuccino... the reaction of the barista is priceless.

2a. Visit a local shelter and offer to play with the pups. Ask in advance if you can bring treats

2b. Alternatively, make a donation to that shelter or visit their amazon page and send them something they need

2c. Or, Support someone else who actively supports shelters by following and liking them on YouTube or Facebook like Rocky Kanaka


3. If you're in the Los Angeles area, visit The Dog Bakery on September 23 for a National Puppuccino Day & adoption event. Don't forget to bring your dog!