10 Dog Breeds That Love To Party

Some people love nothing better than social gatherings. You know the kind. When you look into a crowded party, they are the ones at the center. They are the entertainers. He or she is the life of the event and many times even the host. There are social butterflies in the dog world also. These are certain breeds that, for the most part, never meet a stranger.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers have beauty as well as intelligence. They are among the most trainable of all dog breeds. As far as parties go, Goldens are gentle but playful, tolerant, and patient. A well-bred Golden Retriever exhibits elegant manners with strangers and a general desire to please people. Goldens are good around other dogs, children, and even different species. They crave regular human attention. In fact, loneliness and boredom leads to many vices for goldens, like barking, digging, and general destructive behavior.


If you think a poodle with its frivolous curls and fancy haircut cannot hang at a party, think again. Under that nervous and doll-like facade is a lively clown and performer. While never terribly far from their owners, poodles are jovial and friendly with strangers. They may not patiently sit for strangers to fawn over them, but they will entertain them in a heartbeat. Poodles of all sizes (toy, miniature, and standard) are active, among the most intelligent of dogs, trainable, proud, and playful. They retain unflappable natures from their gun dog ancestry. Poodles have topped the popularity list of most sought-after breeds for decades. Their place in human social circles appears permanent with the introduction of numerous poodle designer lines, like Labradoodles and Goldendoodles.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers personify social charm and friendliness. At a dog park, it is difficult to tell exactly who owns a lab. They are harmonious and lively with people and other animals. Enthusiasm is their mantra, and they seem to harbor it equally for everything around them. The breed is intelligent, trainable, affectionate, obedient, and reliable. It is even-tempered and at the same time energetic and playful. Labs can work with unmatched focus and then play with uninhibited vigor when the job is finished. Like Golden retrievers, Labradors become destructive when left alone too much.


Despite its small stature, beagles are extroverted and confident. They were originally bred to hunt hares in a pack of other hounds. Their natural friendliness with other dogs persists to this day. Beagles are also friendly with people and good with children. A beagle can be loud like any hound, with an exuberant baying voice and mournful howl. Beagles are intelligent and readily approach people. However, their preoccupation with scents makes them both less trainable than some and easily distracted.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Despite their diminutive legs, there is nothing small about a corgi's personality. Pembroke Welsh corgis can easily become the life of any party. They are friendly and even bold, affectionate, and smart. Lively and active, a corgi's main fault is trying to herd everyone around them by nipping their ankles. Sufficient exercise, social interactions, and training should curb this habit. 

You can also consider having a mixture of this breed like a mix of the  Australian Cattle Dog and  Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Learn about the Cowboy Corgi  cross breed. 

Siberian Husky

Demanding attention at every opportunity, Siberian Huskies are as friendly as they are attractive. They will perform whatever vocals necessary to gain your focus if you ignore them, including crooning, howling, and yipping. Huskies like other dogs and children. Supervision is always a must as they may exercise their moderate prey drive inappropriately towards small dogs and toddlers. They can be at turns thoughtful and exuberant at social gatherings.

Irish Setter

Irish Setters are not as popular as they once were, but not for lack of character. They make solid companions in many situations. An Irish Setter's nature is energetic and outgoing. It is lively, affectionate, sociable, and playful. Irish Setters are also sweet and outgoing. They are gracious with all people and different types of animals. An Irish Setter can be content when not the center of attention because of a certain degree of independence inherent in the breed.

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Do not let the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel's royal heritage fool you. As one of the most adaptable of all dog breeds, they are happy, go-lucky, sociable dogs. At parties, they know how to work a room. The Cavalier Spaniel is gentle and affectionate, and even in play possesses a rare kind of grace that endears it to everyone. It is active but also loves playing the role of a lap dog. Poor upbringing can create a timid dog.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Despite a fierce and dangerous reputation, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and other pit bull types continue to grow in popularity because of their friendly and outgoing natures. They are prevalent at dog parks and barbecues alike. Responsible and firm training promotes a bold and outgoing personality. Present-day Staffies should be sweet-natured, patient, and agreeable with people, other dogs, and children. They should have constant supervision around kids and other animals and need plenty of attention.

French Bulldog

Even when not actively begging someone to pet it, a Frenchie demands attention with its adorable traits and extensive charm. If a French bulldog is at a party, everyone will surely seek it out. French Bulldogs are even-tempered, friendly to all, and affectionate. They are not particularly trainable or eager to please. However, they are bright, alert, and playful. You must exercise care that they do not suffer heat exhaustion when playing, but they enjoy the company of other dogs.

The above descriptions are not exhaustive, but these breeds are most representative of socially outgoing dogs and among the top candidates to help you host parties. And when you throw a party, what better way to celebrate than with cake! Check out our dog safe, freshly baked cakes!

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