How To Throw Your Dog a Bark Mitzvah


What Is A Barkmitzvah?

Well, it's exactly as it sounds! It is a Barmitzvah for a dog who has turned 13 months or 13 years of age.

Your furry family member has hit that milestone of turning 13. It is time for him or her to have their own Barkmitzvah!

👉More people are leaning more toward 13 months of age, as that is the time that most dogs reach actual adult maturity.

👉You could even do it when your pup turns 2 or 3 as that's technically the equivalent of 13 in dogs years.

👉Or you can celebrate reaching the senior dog stage at the age of 13 years.

Here is a step by step guide to help you plan Fido's special day. 

What Will You Need?


Depending on the number of guests you invite, you might not have room to hold the party at home. So you can look for:

✡️ Parks (dog parks or pet friendly regular parks)


✡️ Doggie daycare centers

✡️ Pet friendly hotels

Be sure to plan for potty accidents ahead of time and ensure all guests also have access to poop bags for the inevitable potty break.

If the weather is nice, maybe opt for renting a gazebo at a local park. Or even call local dog parks and doggie daycares to see if they will be willing to rent out space.

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Etsy has a ton of cute banners that say Barkmitzvah on them. They also have the Star of David bandanas for other dog guests to wear. And they have adorable traditional Yarmulke Kippah for dogs! Some people pick a theme and get decorations that go along with it.


Of course, to get your guests to the Barkmitzvah, you will need to send out invites! Getting custom made invitations is probably the best way to go with this one. You will want to invite everyone who is important to your dog. It is their special day so close human friends, family, and their other pooch friends are a must.


This is where you can get a lot more creative. You will want food for both human and pet guests. Special cakes that say, "Happy Barkmitzvah" or "Muzzle Tov" are always great crowd pleasers. Be sure to get a grain free cake so dogs with grain sensitivities can also join in.

Snacks and beverages for human guests are always welcome too. And don't forget the goodie bags for the dog guests!

Birthday Gifts

Many people choose to get their pup a gift basket of all their favorite toys and special treats. Guests are also welcome to bring a gift, but it is not expected. Note that unlike a human Barmitzvah, money usually is not passed down to the birthday boy.

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You will want to have some light music playing for the guests. This will keep most dogs calm and keep the room from sounding too silent. This can be anything from lighter classical to your dog's favorite mellow tunes.

Puppy makeover

Let's not forget the most important part, getting your dog a makeover. Humans usually get the works done before their Barmitzvah, so why not your dog too? Get their teeth cleaned, nails done, fresh wash and cut (if applicable.) Make them feel like a glowing star for their coming of age day.

What Do You Do AT The Party?

No one expects your dog to get up and bark the traditional readings from the Torah. This is more of a party to relax and have fun. Before the meal, most people do say a blessing of, "This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and celebrate on it." A small meal will take place followed by dessert.

📷 @twopoochesandblondie


It is probably a good idea to bring a lot of activities for the dogs to do at the Barkmitzvah. Toys like frisbees, tug ropes, and tennis balls.

Games for the people to play isn't a bad idea either since not all people will be bringing their dogs too. Games like a ring toss, board games, card games, and other carnival-style games are great crowd pleasers.

And of course, there is always lots of dancing. Have fun and get creative with this part, as only you know what your guests will enjoy doing the most.

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As you can see Dog Barmitzvahs are a great way to celebrate your coming of age dog. Take a lot of cute pictures that day with your beloved pets and make those memories last.

Check out this fun Bark Mitzvah video for inspiration

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