How to host a Doggie Quinceañera

If your dog turns 15, you must be lucky because the average lifespan of a dog is 13 years. A 15 year old dog therefore deserves a grand birthday party.

In the Latin culture, 15 marks coming of age or transitioning from childhood to adulthood. You can mark this special moment for your dog by throwing a traditional Quinceañera party. 

But you don't have to wait for 15 years to throw a party. 15 human years should be about 2 to 4 dog years depending on your dog's breed.

Significance of the Quinceañera

A  Doggie Quinceañera could be a good reason to bring people together and just have a good time, but when you think about it your dog transitioning into adulthood is as significant as a girl turning into an adult.

Your pooch will be more mature, smarter and responsible. She will protect your home from strangers, and be well-behaved as years go by.

Celebrate your dog's milestones in style!

1. Costumes

A Quinceañera for dogs is meaningless without the right costumes. Traditionally, a girl celebrating her Quinceañera wears the most beautiful gown she can afford, From puffy white lace dresses to extra long pink gowns embellished with shiny jewels. You can find some cute things on

Your furry friend can adorn a cute doggie dress in the color that matches her fur, A white chihuahua for instance, would look great in a pink lace gown, while a black pup can provide great contrast for a white gown accompanied by a shiny collar on the neck.

While picking the costumes, don't forget a cute doggie Tiara. Tiaras are an integral part of Quinceañera parties as they help guests identify the day's "queen". After all, your pup needs to stand out on her big day.

2. Guests

The Quinceañera is incomplete without guests. Ordinarily close family members and friends should be invited. For your Doggie Quinceañera, think about the people who would take care of her if you were away.

Also think about the canine friends you want to invite. Don't invite dogs that aren't friendly or that can't play well with others as you don't want any fights to break out.


For a special touch send out invitation cards or an evite. You can make them, or find some cute ones on etsy

3. Activities

You've probably been wondering why a Quinceañera is so different from other birthday parties. Besides the cute gown and the significant age, this traditional ceremony entails several activities depending on the country of origin. Below are some of the activities you could include for your dog's Quinceanera;

- lots of dancing

-15-candle lighting & singing. Preferably by a mariachi band. Check out Angel's as she was serenaded.

-A surprise screening of your pup's video(s) when she was younger

-Meals divided into three segments (appetizers and drinks, main course and dessert)

-The ribbon pulling ritual (whereby close relatives and friends pull ribbons from a big bunch. You can tie special messages or charms on each of the ribbons)

-Games for the dog guests. Here's a list of 11 games and activities for dogs.

-A special performance by your dog (if she's a performer) just as the birthday girl performs a specially choreographed Waltz. Take a look at Nova the German Shepherd as she dances at her coming of age party

-Cake cutting and toasting

4. The Cake

Finally, a Quinceañera is no ordinary party and it shouldn't feature a normal black forest cake. You need a special doggie cake with the right ingredients. Get a grain free cake just in case any of the canine guests have grain sensitivities. You can get a grain free dog cake here.

You could have two cakes;One for the humans and one for the dogs.  


5. Venue

One of the most important things is figuring out where you will host it. Will it be in your house or backyard? Or will you find a dog friendly facility, like a doggie day care. Here's an entire article on where to host a dog party. 


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In Summary

A Quinceañera for dogs should be about celebrating a pet's milestones. Bear in mind that a lot of pups don't make it to 15 (in both dog and human years) so think about holding it when your dog is between 2-4 (depending on the breed

Your dog is an important part of the family identity and she needs to feel that way. However, if you're not into traditions, think about it as a fun 'out of the ordinary" party. It's a creative way of celebrating life and bringing your loved ones together.

Most importantly, you will need a bit of diversity if you're going to host more parties in the future for yourself and other family members. Celebrating birthdays in the same old fashion can turn out to be boring in the long run, so embrace a little bit of cultural spice.

For complete instructions on throwing a party for your pup check out this article

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