11 Doggie Birthday Party Game Ideas

Doggie Birthday Party Game Ideas

A party is such a fun way to celebrate your dog's birthday or adoption date. One might think it's all about the cake, or the presents, but the entertainment is really where it's at!  Believe it or not, dog themed birthday party games are a trending term on the internet so you’re definitely not alone!

With these exciting dog themed party games and activities we've rounded up, you'll have everything you need to keep your pup's guests happily busy for hours regardless of location, or the weather.

If your party is indoors, chances are you don't have a ton of space so dog themed games that challenge your pet's brain and won't cause conflict among the guests work well and can be played outdoors too if more space is available. (As a side note; owners should give any treats and approve ingredients beforehand.)

Doggie Birthday Party Games

1. Puzzle Games

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You can DIY a tennis ball treat puzzle by cutting along the seam of a tennis ball and inserting a dog biscuit. When the game leader says "go" each owner gives the tennis ball to their pup. The first dog to figure out how to get their biscuit out of the ball wins

2. The Toy Toss 

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Each pair of owner and pet has a different new toy. They are all given a few minutes to play with their toy, allowing time to get their scent on it. The game leader counts to three, then all the owners throw their toy across the room. The first dog to bring his specific toy back to his owner wins.

3. Dog Limbo 

Using an agility hurdle, cue the music and have the pups wriggle under the bar. The last one who makes it under without touching wins!

4. Magical Mutt 

Each owner holds a treat in one of their closed fists. When the game leader says "go" the pups have to figure out which hand their treat is in. The fastest time wins.

5. Musical Mats 

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This is a very well-known dog themed party game. Every party guest but one has a mat. Place mats in a circle. The music starts and everyone walks around the outside of the circle. When the music stops, each dog must scamper over to sit on a mat. Owners may encourage their pet, but there is no pushing or pulling allowed. The dog who didn't get a mat is out, and the game leader removes another mat each round. The last dog sitting on a mat wins.

5. Scooby Says

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A pupified version of "Simon Says". Party-goers follow basic commands like "sit" or "stay". Each pup who doesn't follow the command is out of the game and the last one standing (or sitting) wins.

 6. Paw Painting

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Spread paper plates holding water-soluble, non-toxic paint and walk Fido over it, then walk him across butcher paper or art paper. Voila! Refrigerator art! You can also put paint on art paper and cover with plastic wrap. Have the owners walk their dog over the paper. Remove the plastic wrap and let the paint dry. You can also do this with a cornstarch, flour, water, and food coloring mixture.

7. Backyard Water Park

Set up Slip-N-Slides, baby pools, and oscillating sprinklers for a soaking wet time! You can have your canine sniff out a treat tucked into a rolled-up towel before drying off.
Archaeology Playtime - Fill a baby pool with sand and hide toys. Let the doggies have a blast digging out their favorite!

8. Tug-Of-War

Use Knotted rope, toys, even old T-shirts to tug on. Break the furry friends up in pairs and let the tugging begin!

9. Seek and Find 

Hide treat-rubbed toys around the yard for your guests to find. They get to take home their toy.

10. Photo Booth

Set up a cute background and take pictures of owners with their dogs in silly hats or wigs. Play dress-up!

11. Balloons Galore.

Blow up a bunch of balloons and let the pups get crazy playing with them.

All you have to do is, try to make your dog’s birthday party games more enjoyable. These dog themed birthday party games can be interesting and full of fun for your pups.

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