10 Awesome Themes For A Dog Birthday Party

We all know how tough it is to come up with unique themes for our furry family members. But look no further, we’ve done the internet scouring and the thinking for you. Enjoy your pet’s birthday party with these fun and unusual ideas!

1. Art Party

unique themes for dog birthday party


Imagine your guests dressed as Frida Kahlo, Bob Ross, Yayoi Kusama, or Andy Warhol. Maybe Mona Lisa will attend, or Van Gogh, or in the melting clocks of Salvador Dali. Here's a list of famous artists to get your creative juices flowing.

2. After Dark Rover Rave

fun themes for a birthday party for dogs

Imagine seeing LED collars as party favors, neon accessories, and a “Glow Bar” for snacks, all under black lights. Stuff treats inside white toys and hide them. You can also have tons of laser chasing fun!

3. Big Top Circus
Hula hoop jumping in clown suits to the sound of circus music? Yes, Please! We’ve found you some great theme music on YouTube.

birthday cakes from the dog bakery

Can you imagine one of our adorable cakes fitting this theme? We sure can! The Dog Bakery provides cute and colorful doggie birthday cakes; they're even available in wheat or grain free! We ship all over the USA, so order your doggie birthday cake from us today!

4. American Ninja Warrior, Doggy Edition

dog birthday party themes

Your guests will have a blast running a safe obstacle course with treats and prizes after every achievement. Learn  how to make a low-cost agility course in your own backyard!

5. Pet Pamper Party

unique themes for a dog party


You could set up massage and grooming stations or hire a mobile groomer to come to your pet’s party to do baths, haircuts, and toenail painting! Imagine goody bags with grooming brushes and shampoos to go home with your guests.

6. “The Shaggy Dog.”

really fun birthday ideas for a dog party

Dogs and their humans can have fun reversing their roles like in the movie Shaggy Dog. Create silly invitations, and serve party food to your human guests that look like dog treats, and vice versa! And after the partying is done, settle down to watch the old movie together.

7. Country Fair.

birthday party themes for dogs

Puppy Treat Pie-eating contests, bobbing for tennis balls in a plastic pool, hayrides on a Radio Flyer and a picture booth complete with old-timey costumes and hay bales.

8. Puppy Adoption Party.
Create party favors from the year your pup was adopted or born. Find a cute pet carrier to hold a squeaky toy or a fluffy stuffy for your guests to take home.

9. Come as You Want Costume Party. Short and sweet. Here’s a little inspiration! You’re welcome

dog costumes for party.

@coconotimpressed                                                                                                  @itsbitsythedog

10. Water Party and Luau.
Pups playing in the Pool or sprinklers, what could be better on a warm birthday afternoon? Nothing, unless you add tiki torches and Slip N’ Slides. Blow up balloons to float in the pool or play wet fetch with soaked toys. Hawaiian shirts and leis required! You can find what you need at Etsy.

Don't Forget The Cake!

dog birthday party cakes

The Dog Bakery provides cute and colorful doggie birthday cakes; they're even available in wheat or grain free! We ship all over the USA, so order your doggie birthday cake from us today!


Rocky Kanaka

Rocky Kanaka is an entrepreneur, pet rescue advocate and dog dad to a rescue boxer named Flip, a blind Cane Corso called Kobe, and a terrier mix named Zoey. He's also a pet chef and owner of The Dog Bakery, which specializes in dog birthday cakes and fresh baked dog treats. His three dogs can't get enough of the dog cakes and treats!

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