5 Reasons You Should Adopt a German Shepherd

5 reasons you should adopt a German ShepherdPhoto is of Harley available for adoption from our donation partner German Shepherd Rescue Burbank

When looking to adopt a dog, you’ll likely spend time researching breeds and finding personality traits and physical traits that appeal to you and your lifestyle and taste. And while we’re all for just heading to your local shelter or rescue and seeing who you connect with, we also totally support getting to know your breeds before you make any final decisions. While many adoptable pups are mixed breed, they usually have one distinguishing breed within them and most shelters and rescues are also full of pure breeds as well. You’ll want to consider obvious things like activity level, trainability, health concerns and size. To help, we like to spotlight different breeds so that you can learn a bit more why you should considering adopting one. This week, we’re talking about one of the most popular dogs in the US (and thus, often found in shelters across the states), German Shepherds!

German Shepherds, best known today for their noble service as police dogs, trace their popularity as house pets to their shining history as celebrities. After careful breeding in Germany in the late 19th century, the pups found stardom: They frequently appeared on the big screen, bringing furry fun to silent films as early as 1922. In fact, they’re still one of the top three most popular breeds to appear on film and tv.

5 reasons to consider adopting a GSD:

  1. They’re smart. It’s no wonder GSD’s are the choice service dog for the police, as they are an extremely intelligent and quick learning breed. Training them will be easier and more rewarding than with many other breeds. Schutzhund, a German word for "protection dog," is a sporting event that tests talents, such as tracking, obedience and protection. Originally created to test German shepherds, your pup is bound to outperform their friends at the dog park. They also love to please their owners, making them less likely to engage in negative behaviors.
  2. They’re perfect for active families. GSD’s make the perfect running and hiking partners, as they love exercise and are strong and adventurous.
  3. They’re healthy. With the proper diet and enough exercise, German Shepherds have few major health risks. The main risks are canine hip dysplasia (CHD) and elbow dysplasia, both of which are preventable. They generally live around 12 years, so you know you’ll plenty of time with them too.
  4. They’re highly adaptable. Though German Shepherds prefer larger yards, they easily adapt to apartment living as long as they get enough exercise each day (at least a 30 minute brisk walk). Plus, with proper socialization, a German Shepherd will make a great playmate for children and will exhibit extreme loyalty to the family. Though German Shepherds are often aloof toward new people, they follow your lead and are likely to warm up to the people you love.
  5. They’re heroes in dog form. Often recognized for heroic acts, German Shepherds relentlessly serve their special humans. In fact, Filax of Lewanno, a canine soldier, was honored in 1917 for bringing 54 wounded soldiers to safety during World War I.

Need some other quick reasons? They don’t shed badly (only seasonally and nothing crazy), they love water (beach day, anyone?), they don’t need to be bathed much and they come in a wide range of color combos, making each pup a little unique. And have you seen how cute they are as puppies!? If you’re considering adopting a GSD, you’ll want to check out this handy guide on things to look for as you meet GSD’s.

Not quite sold yet? Check out the amazing German Shepherds that are available for adoption from German Shepherd Rescue - Burbank and see if you can resist their charms any longer.

In the comments below tell us why you’re thinking about adopting a GSD. Or maybe you already have one or two? Help others with tips on what to expect and why they should definitely consider having a German Shepherd in their life!

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