Five Reasons Why Donating Dog Food to a Shelter Makes a Difference

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Here are five reasons why we think feeding shelter dogs makes a huge difference.

1. To Helping a Rescue Stay in ‘Business’

Not so fun fact: Villalobos Rescue Center (most well known as the team behind Pit Bulls and Parolees) feeds their 250 rescue dogs 700 pounds of food every single day. That’s over $300,000 of dog food a year. If Villalobos can get every bowl of food donated, that’s $300k they can save and put towards operating costs, like kennel upkeep, staff salaries, and vet bills.

Dog rescue Image by Badass Animal Rescue

2. Keep Shelter Dogs Healthy

Sometimes shelters do get donations of dog food from community members or companies – sometimes this is expired food, or food that is not made in the USA, lower quality and not as healthy. Rescue dogs, more than any other dogs, need to be nourished! Their immune systems are constantly under attack. Stress from being in a new environment can also hurt their immune systems, so having high quality, natural dog food is ideal!

3. Keep Dogs Out of the Shelter

Some shelters have a shelter prevention program and assist dog owners in financial crisis who may think surrendering their animal is the only option. Donations of food and basic supplies can be the difference between a dog safe in his home and one left by a loving family in a shelter.


dog shelter Super "Monster' Penny The Pit Bull rockin' a I’m Not a Monster hoodie

4. Gives a Dog a Chance to Meet the Right Family Imelda Suriato from I’m Not a Monster, works her tail off (pardon the pun) every year to raise donations for shelters across the US over the holiday season. Why? She says, “One bag of food means a dog has a full belly, is vetted to stay healthy, gets socialized and also gets to meet prospective families. It is a mighty bag of food because it saves and makes lives.”

saving dogs lives

5. It’s a constant reminder to do good.

When you buy your pup their dog food and drop a bag off at a pet food bank, OR even easier, switch your dog food over to The Dog Bakery, every time you pour your pup a bowl, you know you’re also pouring a bowl for a shelter dog. There are little things we can do on a daily basis that really do make a difference in the lives of others. And the good you do rubs off on others! Not only will a rescue know that you have their back, your community will feel it, too. 

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    In the past my job to recuse now I am in a different situation If u could help me in getting dog food for my dogs. Thank u

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    […] Do you want to know how you can help? Check out  Five Reasons Why Donating Dog Food to a Shelter Makes a Difference. […]

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