Recommendations from Your Vet | Vet Recommended Dog Food

Responsible dog owners want to know how to keep their dog healthy.  A common vet recommended approach is to ensure good nutrition and a proper well-balanced diet may actually prevent many chronic health problems that your dog could develop in old age. So what is the vet recommended dog food that provides your dog the best nutrition? Well, a vet will tell you that there is no single best dog food to buy for your dog, but there is a rule of thumb you can follow that can help you narrow down all of those choices on the market.

A Rule of Thumb

Dogs are natural carnivores, and their metabolic systems are set up for meat-based diets. Dogs don’t actually digest grains very well and derive little nutrition from them. A good rule of thumb to follow when you are buying your dry dog food has to do with this fact: is the dog food meat-based? Or is it grain-based?

Many commercial dog foods feature corn, wheat, or soy as primary ingredients. Corn figures especially prominently in cheaper dog foods, because it is an inexpensive filler material which is often combined with smaller amounts of low-quality meat ingredients. Dogs don’t digest grains like corn very well, and as a result, receive poor nutrition from it, which will lead to health problems down the road. The best thing you can do for your dog is buy higher quality meat-based dog foods. Make sure meats like chicken, lamb and salmon, are high up on the ingredients list. Omega fatty acids and probiotics are also welcome for promoting healthy skin and hair, as well as anti-oxidants for healthy immune systems.

Narrowing It Down

There are also specific vet recommended dog food brands you can look for, depending on the breed and age of your dog. Most larger breeds of dogs and older dogs are prone to weight gain and under-activity, so a low-weight formulation works the best for these dogs. Look for vegetable fibers for your older dog as well. Smaller breeds, lactating dogs, and higher-energy dogs should get plenty of protein in their diets. Chicken proteins are great for these dogs as well.

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines that should help you narrow down your dog food choices and enable you to find the dog food that is just right for your dog. Every person’s dog is different, and if you pay attention to their health and the specific diet they are getting, you should be able to find out what works the best. Talk to your vet and discuss the habits and health of your dog. Any vet recommended dog food should get you well on your way to ensuring your pet’s long term nutrition and health. Shop The Dog Bakery for vet recommended dog food today.

Rocky Kanaka

Rocky Kanaka is an entrepreneur, pet rescue advocate and dog dad to a rescue boxer named Flip, a blind Cane Corso called Kobe, and a terrier mix named Zoey. He's also a pet chef and owner of The Dog Bakery, which specializes in dog birthday cakes and fresh baked dog treats. His three dogs can't get enough of the dog cakes and treats!

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Lorna Paxton Ladd is a passionate dog lover and enthusiast of The Dog Bakery. She loves spoiling her 3 rescue dogs with dog cakes and jerky. A 15 year veteran in the pet industry, her aim is to educate pet parents on the best recipes, products, tips and tricks to optimize the human/canine bond. Her favorite product at The Dog Bakery are the customizable dog birthday cakes.