Gourmet Valentine's Day Treats for your Dog

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Whether or not you have a human Valentine, don't forget that your dog aka your furry Valentine is the sweetest and most loyal Valentine that you've ever had. That's why at The Dog Bakery, we made 3 special gourmet treats with your dog in mind.

The Dog Bakery's Puppy Petit Fours - a box of "chocolates" made of dog friendly carob.

The Dog Bakery's puppy petit fours are like a box of chocolate's for dogs. And don't worry, it's dog friendly and doesn't contain any chocolate. Our puppy petit fours are made of a heart shaped dog biscuit, hand dipped in carob and yogurt. Grab a box of chocolates for yourself and eat "chocolates" in bed together.

The Dog Bakery's Peanut Butter Hearts dog treats

Our peanut butter hearts are made with all human grade ingredients and baked in our store. We use a vegetable powder for the pink coloring, making it pretty and healthy for your pup. 

The Dog Bakery's peanut butter valentine cookie

Peanut butter is our fan favorite so we used it for our limited edition peanut butter Valentine cookie. It's a double stack of our peanut butter cookie coated and hand drizzled with yogurt. It's in our bakery case waiting for your pup to devour them for Valentine's day.

All 3 treats are available in-store and online for a limited time only. Pick one up for your pup before we sell out! 


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