Can Dogs Eat Vanilla?

Vanilla or chocolate? Many of us can’t decide, but even if you love the rich cocoa bean, vanilla is an undeniably delicious flavor. Versatile and distinct, vanilla flavoring is part of everything from ice cream and cake to skincare. Everyone has their favorite vanilla dessert or dish, and there’s probably been a time when they’ve wondered if their canine companions can have a taste.

can dogs eat vanilla

The short answer is that dogs can have vanilla, but it should be given in small amounts, and only in other foods, never on its own. This is especially true if the flavoring is artificial. However, the issue is a little deeper than that. If you want to know whether or not dogs can have vanilla, then keep on reading!

How Can Dogs Eat Vanilla?

Let’s start with a handy chart. There are so many different kinds of vanilla, and not all of them are safe for dogs.

Type of Vanilla

Safe for Dogs?

Can dogs eat artificial vanilla?


Can dogs eat cooked vanilla extract?


Can dogs eat real vanilla extract?


Can dogs eat vanilla bean ice cream?


Can dogs eat vanilla cake?


Can dogs eat vanilla pods?


Can dogs eat vanilla wafers?


Can dogs eat vanilla yogurt?


Can dogs have vanilla ice cream?


Vanilla extract on dog’s skin?


Can Dogs Eat Artificial Vanilla?

Now that we have an overview, it’s time to break this down into smaller pieces. We’ll start with artificial vanilla. Dogs should not be given artificial vanilla. While it’s unlikely to cause problems when used in baking, pure artificial vanilla is primarily made from alcohol, which is toxic to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Vanilla Extract?

Yes! Cooked vanilla extract is safe for dogs in small quantities. The alcohol in vanilla extract evaporates during the cooking process, making it safe for dogs. Like any treat, it should be given in moderation. This is especially true when it’s in sweet treats since sugar isn’t good for dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Real Vanilla Extract?

can dogs eat Vanilla extract

No! Dogs should never be given real vanilla extract. When used in a baked good, it’s safe, but pure vanilla extract tends to contain high amounts of alcohol. Some mixtures used upwards of 35% alcohol, which can kill small dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Bean Ice Cream?

Yes! In small amounts, vanilla bean ice cream is safe for dogs. If you opt to give your dog vanilla bean ice cream, however, you’ll want to be careful! Some dogs are lactose intolerant, and ingesting ice cream may cause symptoms like:

  • Gas
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhea

If any of these symptoms appear after your dog has a taste of ice cream, then it’s time to stop giving them a taste. There are plenty of other treats for your pup to enjoy!

Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Cake?

can dogs eat vanilla cake

Yes! As long as the vanilla cake does not contain any harmful ingredients, — such as macadamia nuts or chocolate — dogs can safely have a little bit of vanilla cake. At The Dog Bakery, we even have some dog-approved vanilla cakes in our store.

Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Pods?

can dogs eat vanilla pods

Yes, but you shouldn’t be giving them pods intentionally. While dogs are able to eat a pod or two, they shouldn’t be eating them regularly. However, if your pup eats a pod by accident, you have nothing to worry about., just make sure to check their mouths for any residue or stuck pieces in their teeth.

Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Wafers?

Yes! Most vanilla wafers are safe for dogs to eat, but not a good or healthy treat.

Like many sweets, vanilla wafers contain high amounts of sugar, fats, and oils. This means that they’re extremely unhealthy for dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Yogurt?

Yes, but be sure to look at the ingredients! Vanilla yogurt, like many other types of yogurt, is a safe treat for dogs. We even have a few recipes that include vanilla yogurt. However, be sure to watch your pup afterward to make sure they don’t react to the lactose.

Can Dogs Have Vanilla Ice Cream?

Yes! Vanilla ice cream is safe for dogs.

If you want to give your dog a taste of vanilla ice cream, be sure to check the ingredients. Avoid any “sugar-free” ice cream. These recipes generally include harmful sugar substitutes. If you want to guarantee that your pup’s treating experience will be amazing, then we recommend finding pup-friendly ice cream, such as our amazing Peanut Butter Ice Cream for Dogs.

Some Vanilla Extract Got on My Dog’s Skin! Will They Be Okay?

If your pup gets some extract on their skin, don’t worry! As long as it isn’t an excessive amount, your pup will be fine. You should try and wipe it off before they get a taste, but a few drops are nothing to worry about.

How to Treat Your Dogs Safely

No matter what you choose to do, there are plenty of amazing ways to give your dog a treat. At The Dog Bakery, we have plenty of treats to choose from. Everything that we sell is guaranteed to be 100% safe for any dog! You can also keep an eye on our blog, where we regularly post updates about safe ways to let our pups take a bite out of the world!

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