Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

You’ll sometimes hear people talking about their pup’s “raw” diet. This means that they’re feeding their pups raw meat and fresh greens.

It seems logical, right?

can dogs eat raw chicken?

Dogs come from wolves, and wolves eat meat in the wild. They don’t have a stove to cook it on, and they definitely don’t have machines to make kibble for them! So, wouldn’t that mean that dogs can eat raw chicken?

Sort of.

Today, we’ll be going on a deep dive into this topic! If you’re thinking about switching to a raw diet, you should read this first! There are some risks associated with feeding a raw, and both you and your pup deserve to know all of the details before you make such a big choice.

The Problem With Raw Chicken

Let’s start off by saying that raw meat isn’t necessarily safe for your pups! Even organic meat can carry parasites, and those critters can easily be transferred from the meat to your pooch. In addition to making food more palatable, cooking serves a second essential function by killing off any harmful bacteria and parasites that have worked their way into the food.

Feeding raw meat — including chicken — to your dogs exposes them to an unnecessary amount of bacteria and parasites. Even the cleanest and most organic of meats carries its own army of toxins, including:

  • E. coli  causes stomach cramps and vomiting
  • Listeria can lead to seizures
  • Salmonella
  • Toxoplasma gondii causes a severe illness known as toxoplasmosis

  • Fortunately, cooking the meat destroys these harmful bacteria and kills the parasites. This is also why we, as humans, cook our meat before eating it. Cooked meat is safer, easier to digest, and delicious

    Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

    can dogs eat raw chicken?

    So, where does that leave the main question?

    At the end of the day, dogs can eat raw meat. Plenty of owners have fed their pups raw meat without any ill effects, but because of the risks, it’s not necessarily a good idea.

    Commercially produced raw pet food companies test for harmful bacteria, so if you want to feed your dog raw, be sure to choose a carefully formulated and regulated variety. 

    Like many things, there are people for and against it.

    Kibble is the safest choice but certainly not the most nutritious. Your dog may not thrive with a kibble only diet but they also won't get sick.

    However, many veterinarians warn against feeding raw and many are proponents.

    Raw Chicken and Dogs: The FAQ

    Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s go over some of the most commonly asked questions about dogs, raw chicken, and raw meat-based diets.

    Can Dogs Eat Raw Beef?

    Yes, but only in extremely small quantities and from reputable sources. While they can eat raw beef, — and, in all likelihood, they’ll even enjoy it — the risks posed far outweigh the enjoyment they’ll get out of it. There are plenty of other ways for your dog to enjoy some beef, including cooked beef and pup-friendly Beef Jerky Sticks.

    Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Drumsticks?

    Yes, but it’s not a good idea. Dogs can eat raw chicken bones, but they pose a choking hazard and can be harmful to digestion. If your dog does eat a raw chicken drumstick, bones and all, don’t worry. However, your dog should never be given cooked chicken bones, which can splinter and puncture the intestinal tract. 

    Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Eggs?

    Not regularly! Uncooked eggs contain salmonella and should not be given to dogs. Thanks to the bacteria in an uncooked egg, any dog that chows down on one risks developing a nasty infection. It may not be deadly, but a salmonella infection is a terribly unpleasant experience.

    If your dog manages to get into any raw egg, don’t panic! They may not get sick, but you’ll want to keep a close eye on them in the coming days. Some people give their dogs raw eggs, but it’s better to cook them to avoid harmful bacteria. 

    Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Necks?

    No! Dogs should not eat raw chicken necks. These contain many of the same bacteria as raw chicken meat and are full of tiny bones. However, there are plenty of chicken and turkey neck chews for dogs. These are specially prepared, so they’re safe for your pups to gnaw on.

    Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Wings?

    No! Dogs should not eat raw chicken wings. As with all of the other entries on this list, raw chicken wings are packed with harmful bacteria and parasites. While dogs can technically eat them, they’re being exposed to an unnecessary amount of risk as they do so.

    Can Dogs Get Sick From Eating Raw Chicken?

    Yes! Dogs can absolutely get sick from eating raw chicken. Like humans, dogs are not immune to parasites and many bacteria. A healthy dog may be able to fend off some infections, but repeated exposure to the same toxins will eventually result in an infection.

    If your dog ever eats raw meat, be sure to watch them closely! If your pup begins to show signs of intestinal distress, such as vomiting or diarrhea, take them to the vet. In the meantime, call your veterinarian to let them know what happened. They’ll be able to give you advice, and they’ll be prepared if your dog needs more serious treatment.

    Is Raw or Cooked Chicken Better for Dogs?

    If you’re going to give your dog some chicken, be sure to cook it thoroughly! This eliminates the risk of exposing your beloved pooch to toxins and parasites, and it makes the meat much, much tastier.

    Keep in mind that chicken alone is not a wholesome meal for dogs. While it isn’t necessarily bad for them, it does not contain all of the nutrients that they need. If you’re thinking about moving away from kibble, be sure to do your research. Here are some homemade dog food recipes your pup will love.

    How Do I Make Sure My Dog’s Food Is Safe?

    If you’re worried about the safety of your dog’s food, that’s okay! There are a lot of recalls, and they’re constantly pulling more and more products off of the shelves.

    Keeping your pup safe is all about being informed. Stay on top of dog food and treat recalls, and be sure to keep in touch with your veterinarian.

    You can also trust The Dog Bakery to be here with plenty of tips on what’s safe for dogs to eat! We’re always updating our blog, so be sure to check in on us every now and then!

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