• Shelter Dogs Enjoy Fresh Baked Treats!

    Shelter Dogs Enjoy Fresh Baked Treats!

    The Dog Bakery's founder, Rocky Kanaka, is fostering a new dog from Animal Friends of The Valley. While he was there picking up his foster, he brought fresh baked treats for everyone at the shelter to sample.  What was the final verdict during taste tasting, you ask? Tasty - they LOVED them!

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  • Want To Rescue A Senior Dog? Here's 5 Places To Find One

    Want To Rescue A Senior Dog? Here's 5 Places To Find One

    People looking to add a furry addition to their home, know the benefits and understand what a great thing it is to rescue and adopt. But have you ever considered adopting an older dog?  This article has been written to give you a bit more information on the benefits of adopting seniors dogs and how you can start the process of bringing home a beautiful aging addition to your family. What are senior dogs? Age is just a number... and in the case of senior dogs, those numbers vary depending on the breed. Basically, a dog is defined as a...

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  • National Dog Week

    National Dog Week

    At the Dog Bakery we  strive to improve the lives of all dogs and this year we would like to celebrate National Dog Week with a special announcement! We baked up some very special cookies just for National Dog Week so you could spoil your dog even more. But even better is that you'll be able to pay the love forward. We're donating a portion of the profits from the sale of these cookies to Abandoned Animal Rescue in Magnolia Texas! For each half dozen purchased we'll donate $2 and for each 'Barker's Dozen' we'll donate $4.50. Our Peanut Butter 'I Woof You'...

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  • 5 Basic Tricks to Teach your Newly Adopted Dog

    5 Basic Tricks to Teach your Newly Adopted Dog

    When you first adopt a dog and bring them home, they’re entering into a whole new world with you. Even if they’ve had previous homes before they came to you, their life with you isn’t just a new chapter - it’s a whole new beginning! Some pups may already have strong personality traits and ticks and, if you’re lucky, they may already know some basic commands and training as well. It’s important to spend those first few months really getting to know your new family member, and getting them acclimated to your life and routine. Even if they’re super well...

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  • Benefits of Adopting a Specially-abled Dog

    Benefits of Adopting a Specially-abled Dog

    Did you know: May 3rd is National Specially-abled Pets Day(formerly Disabled Pets Day)? Now here’s a holiday we can get behind! Specially-abled Pets Day celebrates these amazing and heroic animals, helps to educate the public about caring for disabled pets and finds homes for orphaned, specially-abled pets. Founded in 2006 and internationally embraced, the decision was made to change the original name when founder Colleen Paige felt that it just didn't fit. "The name held too negative a connotation... because these pets are very able! Pets that become challenged due to disease, birth flaws or injuries, tend to develop greater...

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