• What Fruits Can My Dog Eat? (+ 6 You MUST Avoid)

    What Fruits Can My Dog Eat?

    If you're thinking of introducing your dog to fruits, you'll need to be aware of what you can & can’t give your dog. There are many things to be aware of before letting your dog have fruits.  Can dogs have fruits? In general yes but it depends on the fruit. Even if a fruit itself isn't bad for them, it doesn't mean that parts of it aren't toxic.  To find out what fruits can dogs eat and not eat keep reading:  What Fruits Can Dogs Eat? Apples Yes, they're high in fiber and low in fat making them great doggy...

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  • Vegetables Your Dog Will Love That Are Also Safe for Them!

    Blog posts Vegetables Your Dog Will Love That Are Also Safe for Them

    Want to give your dog only healthy treats and food? It can be difficult to know what’s good and what’s bad when the ingredient labels for dog treats are filled with words you can't even pronounce!  So it makes sense to feed them what you know is free of preservatives and artificial additives. What might this be? The very thing in your kitchen that you feed yourself: vegetables! Veggies are great for dogs! They're low in calories, rich in fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and enzymes. But not all veggies are good for dogs. And a lot of veggies may be good...

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  • Is Peanut Butter Safe for My Dog? There's 1 ingredient in PB that's toxic for dogs. Beware!

    Is Peanut Butter Safe for My Dog?

    If you've seen the viral Tiktok where a woman puts peanut butter on her hair and lets her dog lick it to trim his nail, you might be wondering 2 things: Does it really work? And is peanut butter good for dogs to eat? We can't help you with the first one till we have tried the hack ourselves. As for the latter, here is everything you need to know about letting your dog have peanut butter: 1. What type of peanut butter is good for dogs? Most types of peanut butter is good for dogs. When given in moderation...

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  • Can Dogs Eat Yogurt? What are The Benefits of Yogurt for Dogs

    Can Dogs Eat Yogurt

    Yes, your dog can safely consume yogurt. It might be one of their favorite things to have, after all, it’s so tasty! However, there are still some things you should be aware of before treating your fur-baby with some. Read on to find out. Can I Give My Dog Yogurt? The best kind of yogurt to give your dog is the plain kind. Even better if it’s non-fat kind. Make sure there are no added artificial preservatives and no sweeteners as well. Avoid yogurt with any flavoring, even if fruit-flavored. Check the ingredients label to make sure the yogurt doesn't...

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  • 9 Yummy Pupsicle Recipes to Cool Your Dog Off

    9 Yummy Pupsicle Recipes to Cool Your Dog Off

    It's summer, and the heat is unbearable for both humans and pups. Your dog needs a frozen dog treat to beat the heat! We've got you covered! We scoured the internet to find the top 9 easy pupsicle recipes that are a major hit with all four-legged furries. 1. Cantaloupe Pupsicle The Cantaloupe Pupsicle is the easiest pupsicle to make. It is so simple that even if you have never entered the kitchen in your life, you will still be able to make it. However, it tastes fantastic, and your pooch will love you for it.Ingredients- About two cups of frozen cantaloupe -...

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