• How To Make a Gender Reveal Cake for Dogs

    How To Make a Gender Reveal Cake for Dogs

    How To Make a Gender Reveal Cake for Dogs After so many long months of waiting, it’s finally time to start planning your gender reveal party! It’s an exciting time for everyone, and when you’re getting ready to welcome a new member into your family, you may want to include your dog in the process.  Though there’s plenty of approaches you can take, what better way to do so than to have your dog handle the big reveal using a gender reveal cake? What is a Dog-Friendly Gender Reveal Cake? Though your dog can enjoy the gender reveal cake, you...

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  • 6 Easy Dog Cake Recipes

    6 Easy Dog Cake Recipes

    6 Easy Dog Cake Recipes A dog cake is a perfect way to celebrate your best friend, especially if that best friend is a dog! We recommend getting a human cake for your human friends. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a gotcha day, or just any ol’ day, a tasty treat like a delicious dog-safe cake is just the thing to show them how much you care. But what if you’re not much of a baker? Well, you could always order a cake from a dog bakery… or you could follow one of these easy-to-make, pup-pleasing cake recipes! We’ve found...

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  • Dog Birthday Cake: What, Where and How to Get the Perfect One

    Dog Birthday Cake

    Your pup is a year older, and you’re planning a birthday party. But that rich chocolate cake you’ve perfected for your kids’ birthday parties isn’t safe for your dog. In fact, most human cakes are unfit for dogs. While some of the ingredients used to make cakes delicious are downright toxic for dogs, others are still unhealthy and should be substituted with dog-friendly alternatives. Whether you’re planning to give Fido a homemade birthday cake or are looking to buy something special, we’ll tell you how to find a healthy and delicious puppy-approved treat.   What Makes a Dog Birthday Cake...

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  • Is My Backyard Suitable for a Dog Party?

    Is My Backyard Suitable for a Dog Party?

    When you plan a party for your dog, it can be fun and stress-free as long as you take a few considerations into account. Some of the most pertinent concerns for a backyard doggie party are removing hazards, addressing potty concerns, and supplying the basic needs of your doggie friends. Here's what you should keep in mind if you want to host a dog party. Harmful Hazards If you were hosting a party for young children, you'd need to keep hazards in mind. In much the same way, you want to remove any harmful objects from the site of your...

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  • 3 Dog Party Ideas for Spring Weather

    3 Dog Party Ideas for Spring Weather

    Your dog means the world to you, and few things are more fun than celebrating that, especially once spring is near. After all, spring weather calls for long walks, fun times playing fetch and even a dog-centric party or two. So, whether it's your four-legged friend's birthday or you just want to spoil your dog rotten because it's so much fun to do, a party is the best way to ensure both of you have a great time.

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