• How To Host A Halloween Party For Dogs

    How To Host A Halloween Party For Dogs

    Halloween is the time of year where we can all let our hair down and be someone different for a night, but this year you could go one step further and give your best furry friend the chance to transform and celebrate too: By hosting your very own  Halloween party for dogs. This article looks at everything you'll need to know to ensure your Dog Halloween Party is the talk of the town!   Where To Host Your Party Depending on where you live and the size of your guest list, you may opt for a furry friendly party in your...

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  • Top 5 Dog Cake Mixes Reviewed ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Dog Birthday Cake Mixes

    Do you want to bake a cake for your pup, but you don't have tons of time? Don't worry, here are our top 5 dog cake mixes reviewed by real dog lovers, with busy lives, but who want to give their pups a special treat!1. Whisk & Wag - Natural Dog Treat Baking Mix  Rating: 4.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Whisk and Wag are masters in making treats for our pups simple. All you need to do is add oil and water to the mixture, whisk it up and bake - Easy Peasy! Our dogs loved the taste and they ate them up in no...

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  • 4 Fun Ideas for a Summer Dog Birthday Party

    4 Fun Ideas for a Summer Dog Birthday Party

    Dogs are great companions and provide their owner with an unlimited amount of love. So it is only natural for you to want to return this love when your dog's birthday comes around. Fortunately, there are a number of creative ways for you to give your dog a birthday celebration he or she will never forget. 1. An Evening at a Dog-Friendly Restaurant Restaurants that accept dogs are commonplace in many areas. Many of them include menus for pups. For example, one popular restaurant offers dishes like 'Turkey Mutt-loaf, Paw-Tio, and 'Pooched Egg Brunch Bowl' on their canine menu. If...

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  • 10 Dog Breeds That Love To Party

    10 Dog Breeds That Love To Party

    Some people love nothing better than social gatherings. You know the kind. When you look into a crowded party, they are the ones at the center. They are the entertainers. He or she is the life of the event and many times even the host. There are social butterflies in the dog world also. These are certain breeds that, for the most part, never meet a stranger. Golden Retriever Golden retrievers have beauty as well as intelligence. They are among the most trainable of all dog breeds. As far as parties go, Goldens are gentle but playful, tolerant, and patient....

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  • How To Throw Your Dog a Bark Mitzvah

    How To Throw Your Dog a Bark Mitzvah

                                                                                    📷@mwdesignsltd What Is A Barkmitzvah? Well, it's exactly as it sounds! It is a Barmitzvah for a dog who has turned 13 months or 13 years of age. Your furry family member has hit that milestone of turning 13. It is time for him or her to have their own Barkmitzvah! 👉More people are leaning more toward 13 months of age, as that...

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