• Dogs Really ARE More Spoiled During COVID-19

    Dogs Really ARE More Spoiled During COVID-19

    With so many people spending their days at home since lock downs and quarantines began, we had a hunch that dogs were getting more attention than ever. But we wanted to understand the extent people were going to and in what ways they were spoiling their pups. So we surveyed 1000 dog owners and learned that our suspicions were correct, 78% of dog owners ARE giving their dogs more attention, 21% of dogs are receiving the same amount of attention and just 1.5% of dogs are receiving less attention.   Most people love giving extra attention to their dogs, but a...

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  • Decoding the success of #Instafamous pets (and how you can learn from it)

    Decoding the success of #Instafamous pets (and how you can learn from it)

    📸 @itsdougthepug So, Doug the Pug has 3.2 million followers on Instagram and a contract with Claire’s accessories. JuniperFoxx has 2.9 million followers, and along with her pal Fig, has a line of clothing sold from a website devoted to her and her woodland pals. Not only is there a pair of North American foxes, but also the odd sleeping squirrel and the best friend German Shepherd dog.  Then, there is the phenomenon of Mr Pokee. 2.9 million Instagram fans mourned the loss of Mr Pokee when his death was announced in 2019, expressing the monumental love they felt for the...

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  • 5 Tips For Your Dalmatian's Health & Happiness

    5 Tips For Your Dalmatian's Health & Happiness

    So you’ve watched 101 Dalmatians as a kid and it’s always been your dream to adopt one. As you’re likely already aware, Dalmatians - like every dog breed - are unique in their personalities and needs. You’ll want to take the time to familiarize yourself with the specific health needs of their breed. While every dog is different even within the same breed, there are general need-to-knows for each breed of dog. To help you along your journey, we’ve rounded up five top care tips for both new or potential Dalmatian owners. Photo by@vikingmom650 on Instagram Exercise is key. While...

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  • Training Isn't Enough: How to Bond With Your Dog

    how to bond with your puppy

    People laugh at how my Great Dane, Annabelle, will sit on my lap at the vet's office. Or how at the dog park, when she's nervous, she leans on me and plays next to me. But these same people aren't laughing when it's time to leave the dog park, and Annabelle walks right along beside me, ready to go home without a fight, this is because I’ve learnt how to build a bond with your dog. They're also not laughing when my boyfriend and I were so absent-minded one day, we forgot to put on her leash and let her...

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