Celebration Cakes

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Step 1 - How do you want to receive your cake?


Please note that the recipe for the "shippable" cake varies slightly from the in-store pickup cake. Allow up to 5 business days for delivery.


Please order 48 hours in advance of desired pickup.

Step 2 - When Would You Like To Pickup Your Cake?

2020-04-04 5:58 PM PDT

We need 48 hours to prepare your cake.

Step 2 - When Would You Like Your Cake Delivered?

2020-04-04 5:58 PM PDT

We need 5 business days to bake, decorate and ship your cake.

If you are ordering your dog's cake in advance don't worry, we won't ship it right away. We aim for your cake to arrive as close to the day you select as possible, but not after. However, you might receive it a few days before. This is ok, the cake will last and be just as beautiful as the day you received it.

Step 3 - Choose the Size & Shape

Price: $29.99

Price: $34.99

Tiered Cake
Price: $59.99

Bone Cake
Price: $38.99

Wheat Free Ingredients : Rice flour, Potato Starch, Baking Powder, Egg, Applesauce, Honey, Oil

Step 4 - Make it Grain Free?

Grain Free Ingredients: Buckwheat flour, pumpkin puree, honey, oil egg, baking soda. Buckwheat is not a wheat or grain. It is a naturally gluten/grain free seed from a flowering plant related to rhubarb.

Step 5 - Choose a color for the siding

Dark Brown

Step 6 - Custom Message & Color

What do you want the cake to say?

Example: "Happy Birthday Zoey"

*30 character limit

What color would you like the writing?

Note : We can't guarantee the exact shade the color will be, we hope your dog understands!

Step 7 - Take a final look at your creation to make sure it's perfect

Service :

To be delivered no later than :

Pickup Date :

Pickup location :

Size & Shape :

Grain Free or not :

Siding Color :

Custom Message :

Message Color :

Yep, it looks great

Review your order carefully. After this step you won't be able to make any changes. To make changes just tap the back button underneath (If you don't see the back button make sure there's no checkmark in the box above)

My Dog's Cake

Note : Visual is simply a guide as placement of letters may very along with actual font.