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Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday! Baking for over a decade, we've perfected all-natural fresh-baked cakes that look as good as they taste - dog tested, puppy approved. Our birthday and celebration cakes for dogs are pre-ordered with a 48 hour minimum order time. We can ship right to you or if you're local, pick it up in one of our bakeries!


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The Circle and Heart Cakes are both available for shipping.
Please note that the recipe for the "shippable" cake varies slightly from the in-store pickup cake. Allow up to 5 business days for delivery.

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Wheat Free Ingredients: Rice flour, Potato Starch, Baking Powder, Egg, Applesauce, Honey, Oil

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Our dogs are perhaps the only friends who are truly capable of loving us unconditionally. They're not pets; they're family members, and they deserve all the love and affection that we give to our own children. If you have unspeakable love for your dogs, show them how much you care with a delicious dog cake. The Dog Bakery specializes in these delectable baked goods, and we're ready to prepare a custom cake for your little Muffin or Spike.

Why Order a Dog Birthday Cake from The Dog Bakery?

We are a full-fledged dog cake bakery, with multiple convenient locations. We understand how to bake a delicious dog-friendly cake to perfection, and our cakes are the highest quality. When you cut in to our cakes you will notice it is not a hard biscuit or cookie, it is a full fledged, human quality, fluffy cake. We can also ship our circle and heart cakes anywhere in the country, straight to your door and into your pup's mouth.

Ordering couldn't be simpler. We have the only fully customizable cake ordering process out there! Just use the form on this page to select your size, shape, flavor and pickup location, and proceed to the checkout process. We currently offer carob, peanut and pink flavors, each of which is dog safe and irresistible. Carob is like a dog-friendly alternative to chocolate, and our popular pink cake is made with tasty coconut. Want to order a cake in the shape of a dog bone? No problem. We'll be happy to create the dog cake of your dreams, and we make each cake by hand, so you can always be assured of the quality.

For an additional charge, we can even make your dog birthday cake wheat-free. We'll gladly write a custom message on the cake for you, and provide you with a finished product that's beautiful, healthy, and of course, delicious. You just may want to take a slice for yourself, but remember, this one is for the dogs!

Get Your Custom Dog-Safe Cake Today

Don't waste precious time trying to find a dog cake connoisseur at your local bakery counter. Contact the experts at Southern California's leading dog cake bakery, and get the kind of superior cake that's sure to leave your dog with a sense of tail-wagging satisfaction.

If you're ready to order, let's get started!

If you have questions or would like to request custom specifications email us on info@TheDogBakery.com or call 310-313-1801 to speak to our pastry chef.We will gladly try to accommodate your requests to create the ultimate dog cake. Your satisfaction is our commitment -- order now!