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Dog Birthday Banner

Looking for the perfect piece of birthday party decor to make your dog’s big day extra special? What about a dog birthday party banner? 

Dog birthday banners are such a fun addition to a party since they bring up the vibes and give you the perfect backdrop for Instagram pics! Dog birthday banners are long enough to take up plenty of space, but not so big that you can’t fit one in your apartment or small home. 

Happy birthday dog banners are also an appropriate decor option for your dog because they’re safe, and can be hung out of the way of any curious noses. Other kinds of decor are easier for your pup to get tangled in, or could become a chew toy if not supervised at all times. 

How To Hang a Happy Birthday Banner

You can put your dog Happy Birthday banner anywhere, but if you’re short on inspiration, we’ve got a few ideas for making this piece of decor feel a little extra special: 

  • Hang the dog birthday banner outside your front door! This is a fun way to let the neighborhood know it’s your four-legged friend’s birthday, and lets guests know which home to visit for the celebration.

  • Hang your banner on a large bush or hedge to create the perfect Instagram moment! If the party will be in the evening, consider stringing fairy lights in the hedge around your banner to make it stand out even more.

  • Hang the banner above your dog’s bowl, or wherever they’ll be getting their special birthday treat (anyone want a slice of cake?!) to make the pictures extra cute and memorable.

  • Hang a variety of dog birthday banners around your home/yard to create an extra festive mood!
  • Don’t Forget the Other Decor!

    While the dog birthday banner will be the cherry on top, don’t forget the rest of the decorations! Pick up an assortment of dog birthday hats for the birthday pooch and their puppy pals, find adorable cake toppers, and pick up an assortment of birthday toys to keep your four-legged guests entertained.