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Dog Birthday Candles

Planning to celebrate your dog’s birthday or gotcha-day this year? Make sure all of your best (four-legged) friend’s wishes come true and top their birthday cake (or treat) with dog birthday candles! Of course, dogs can’t blow out candles as you or I can, but that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in traditional birthday festivities like candles on a cake. 

But, how do you safely give your dog birthday candles? Keep on reading! We’ve got the answers to your questions, and tips for making your pooch’s birthday extra festive. 

Is It Safe To Give a Dog Birthday Candles?

Yes, but be careful! Having candles on your dog’s cake is perfectly safe as long as you are supervising, and the candles aren’t lit when presented to your dog. Dogs and fire aren’t a good combination, so be sure to blow out the candles for your dog before you set their piece of cake in front of them. 

If your dog is a major chowhound, it’s best to remove the candles altogether before letting the dog of honor near their cake. Eating a drip of wax won’t hurt your dog, but eating a whole candle or the stick could be a choking hazard. 

Best Ways To Use Dog Birthday Candles

Since your pup won’t be blowing out their birthday candles, you can get creative with how you present them. Here are a couple of cute ideas for using birthday candles at your dog’s party:

  • Put dog bone birthday candles on human-cupcakes! Get two-legged guests involved by sharing the fun with them and decorating their treats with bone candles.

  • Present the cake with a cake topper instead of lit candles! Cake toppers are fun and festive and are safe to let your dog sniff and inspect.

  • Use number candles to commemorate how old your pooch is, or to celebrate how many years you’ve been together!

  • Coordinate the candles to the party theme. For example, if you’re throwing your pampered pooch a princess party, choose something pink, rainbow, or featuring unicorns!

  • Don’t forget the rest of the decorations for your dog's birthday party! Find everything you need at The Dog Bakery.