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Dog Birthday Hats

As everyone’s not-so-secret favorite member of the family, our dogs deserve to celebrate their big day in style! 

Nothing says “birthday party” or “gotcha day” like a party hat, and they make your pup look absolutely stunning - not that they weren’t already! Unfortunately, most party hats for people don’t fit doggy-sized heads, are uncomfortable, or aren’t safe for our dogs. 

That’s why we make our fantastic pup-specific party hats! From the essential conical birthday hat to miniature puppy headgear and crowns, The Dog Bakery is here to make sure that your pup’s next party is something to bark about with our puppy party hats!

What Makes Our Hats Special?

Because most dogs won’t sit still for that elastic fitting session, The Dog Bakery has come up with an amazing way to make sure you have the perfect Instagram-worthy pup photo of their big day! We’ve included a wide variety of features in our party hats, and the two color options (pink and blue) are just icing on the cake!

One Size Fits All

It’s no secret that dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, our hats don’t need to. With a comfy adjustable chin strap, these hats are guaranteed to fit everyone, from the cheekiest chihuahua to the boldest Saint Bernard! Unlike elastic straps, our durable chin strap is guaranteed to last, so you can reuse our hat again and again. The soft fabric is made to avoid choking hazards and irritation.

Customizable Numbers

Every hat ships out with a full set of glittery numbers, with which you can recreate any age between 1–21. All you need is a little bit of glue and some time for the hat to dry. Once you’re done, your photo-ready pup can grace screens and touch hearts everywhere!

Different Options

If our full-blown party hat is a bit much for your little pup, that’s okay. We still have options!

Our Pawty Mini Party Hat is perfect for the petite pooches of the world. Like our regular hat, this amazing party favor is built to last. Its durable chin strap will keep it in place while you snap some photos, and your pup will look absolutely stunning on their big day!

If you’re having a few guests over, you can even pick up a pack of our Mini Party Hats. That way, every pup can get a bite of the fun!


A time-honored family tradition is to celebrate birthdays and significant dates. And pets are definitely part of the family. So, marking your pup's birthday, adoption date, or 'gotcha day' with a celebration is worth everything! You cannot ignore puppy birthday hats and dog party decorations if you are planning to throw a picture-ready dog-pawty! 

And what's a dog paw-ty without the entire dog gang? Shop for dog party hats for everyone and make it an un-fur-gettable day for them! Check out some of the most Instagram-worthy ideas for your pup’s special day with dog party decorations, dog party caps, and dog bandanas. Create a themed party for four-legged friends and have a gala of time! 

Party In Style! Birthday decorations are a must for any nice paw-ty! Our hats are not only cute but also fully customizable. Each birthday party dog hat is adjustable AND comes with each number so you can attach your dog’s age to the cap.

Your dog means the world to you, and you are the world for your dog. So, go all out and show it by celebrating the special day with them with 'The Dog Bakery's birthday party hats for dogs, glitter crowns for dogs, mini party hats for dogs, and birthday candles. After all, there's nothing cuter than a dog wearing a birthday party hat!