Is White Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

can dogs eat white chocolate?

It’s a well-known fact that chocolate isn’t good for dogs, but there are plenty of different kinds of chocolate. Are all of them bad?

To find out if white chocolate is bad for dogs, keep scrolling!

Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate?

It’s definitely not a recommended treat! 

White chocolate is actually not even chocolate at all. It's made with sugar, cocoa butter, milk products, vanilla, and lecithin. Since there are no chocolate solids in white chocolate then it's not considered chocolate.

However, there is still a little bit of theobromine. This is the chemical in chocolate that is toxic for dogs. It's toxic because dogs can't metabolize it.  To put in in perspective, baking chocolate has about 350 mg of theobromine per ounce. while which chocolate only has .25 mg per ounce.

But, to play it safe, vets recommend that white chocolate (and all other kinds of chocolate) be kept away from dogs. Instead, if you want your pup to get a taste of chocolate, you should stick with carob, which is a dog-safe substitute.

Can Dogs Have White Chocolate: The FAQ

can dogs eat white chocolate

Now that we’ve answered the main question, let’s get into a quick chocolate overview!

1. Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate Macadamia?

❌ No! Both white chocolate and macadamia nuts are poisonous to dogs.

2. Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate Reese’s?

can dogs eat white chocolate reese's

❌ No! White chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are not an appropriate treat for your dog. Instead, you should consider making a dog-friendly peanut butter treat or picking up one of our PB and Yummy Bars.

3. Can Dogs Have Dark Chocolate?

can dogs eat dark chocolate

❌ No! Dogs should not be fed dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs, and you should contact your vet immediately if you find that your dog has gotten into dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has more theobromine that milk chocolate. The rule of thumb is the darker the chocolate (or the higher the percentage of chocolate) the more toxic it is!

4. Can Dogs Have White Chocolate Kit-Kats?

can dogs eat white chocolate kit kats?

❌ No! Kit-Kats are not appropriate treats for dogs, and you should not provide any kind of Kit-Kat to your dog. In addition to the chocolate, Kit-Kats contain artificial flavoring that may upset your dog’s stomach. That being said, if your dog eats a white Kit Kat it's not as bad as eating a dark/milk chocolate Kit Kat!

5. Dog Ate White Chocolate Hershey Kiss?

If your dog has eaten any amount of theobromine (the substance in white chocolate), it’s time to call your vet. Realistically, if a large dog has eaten a small WHITE hershey kiss likely nothing will happen but smaller dogs can easily succumb to chocolate poisoning after eating a small amount!

 Just be prepared to take your dog in to visit your veterinarian. While larger dogs will likely be fine if they get a piece of chocolate, 

6. Is Milk Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

❌ Yes! Milk chocolate is relatively high in theobromine, which is the chemical responsible for chocolate poisoning in dogs. It also contains plenty of unhealthy oils and fats.

7. Is White Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

❌ Yes! While it only has trace amounts of theobromine, it also has plenty of sugar, fat, and oils, none of which should be part of your dog’s diet.

8. How Much White Chocolate Will Kill a Dog?

It takes a good amount of white chocolate to cause problems for a dog. Assuming your pup is around 50 pounds, it takes 9 ounces of white chocolate for symptoms to show up.

Even so, you shouldn’t feed your dog white chocolate! Instead, check out our shop to find plenty of dog-friendly treats!

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