Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

can dogs eat edamame

Vegetables might not be your favorite food, but lots of pups go crazy for greens! Occasionally feeding your dog vegetables is a fun, healthy treat, and you may find your dog likes fresh vegetables more than other treats. Even if you have a picky dog, there’s probably a vegetable they’ll love! 

At The Dog Bakery, we’re committed to keeping pups healthy and happy, which is why we’re constantly investigating food safety. We’ve looked at everything from shrimp and popcorn to watermelon. Now, we’re investigating something new!

Keep on scrolling to learn whether or not dogs can eat edamame!

Can Dogs Eat Edamame?


Here’s the good news: edamame is perfectly safe for dogs!

In addition to being a good source of vitamins and minerals, plain edamame beans are an amazing way to treat your dogs to something fun. They can be served in many ways, and you can even add them to dog-safe recipes.

How to Serve Edamame to Your Dog 

When you’re giving your dog edamame, one of the most important things to remember is to hold the seasonings! Your pup won’t appreciate the extra flavor as much as you do, and some of those additional ingredients may even be bad for your dog. You’ll also want to peel the beans because the outer “shell” or skin is hard to digest.

Once you’ve extracted the beans, you can steam, sautée, boil, and pan-fry them to your heart’s content!

Some other tips to keep in mind when you’re giving edamame to your dog are:

  • Avoid canned or processed beans
  • Don’t go overboard with the treats
  • The fresher the beans, the better

If this is your first time giving your dog edamame, be sure to stick around afterward! This is good treating etiquette, and it allows you to keep an eye on your pup. If you see any signs of tummy aches, intestinal distress, or allergic reactions, stop giving edamame to your dog.

Dogs and Edamame: The FAQ

Now that we know that edamame is safe for dogs, let’s go over some commonly asked questions about this delightful bean.

Are Soybeans Poisonous to Dogs?

Soybeans are not poisonous to dogs! HOWEVER, some dogs may be allergic to them.

Some dogs are extremely sensitive to soya, a major chemical component of soybeans. When these dogs ingest anything in the soybean family, including edamame, they often experience a range of symptoms. These include:

  • Itchy skin
  • Diarrhea
  • Digestive problems
  • Rashes
  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomach

If your pup eats edamame and begins to exhibit these symptoms, it’s likely due to soy sensitivity. Report this to your veterinarian and stop feeding them edamame beans.

Can Dogs Eat Edamame Shells?

dogs and edamame

No! You should not give your dog edamame shells.

Also known as the skin or the pod, this portion of the bean is extremely hard to digest. As a result, it may get stuck in your pup’s tummy or digestive tract on the way out. This can cause intestinal blockage, which is a serious condition that may require surgery to treat. For smaller dogs, the pod poses a choking hazard.

Can Dogs Eat Edamame With Skin?

No! Do not feed your dog edamame in the pod.

While the bean’s skin is perfectly safe, the pods that they grow in pose multiple risks to your dog. To play it safe, remove the beans from the pod before serving your dog edamame.

How Much Edamame Can Dogs Have?

Keep your servings of edamame small.

Edamame is extremely high in fiber, which means it is likely to cause gas. To avoid this problem, feed your dog edamame in moderation. If you need further guidance, call your trusted veterinarian. They’ll be able to tell you how much edamame your dog can handle.

Will Edamame Make My Dog Sick?

Edamame shouldn’t make your pup sick.

However, if your dog has a soy allergy or sensitivity, edamame may cause some unpleasant symptoms. In addition to upset tummies, excessive itching and restlessness are signs that your pup’s edamame treat didn’t settle well with them.

If you’re worried about how your dog will react to edamame, call your veterinarian. They’ll be able to review your pup’s full medical history and tell you if they think it’s an appropriate treat.

Feeding your dog too much edamame can also be an issue, so keep it under a dozen for mid-to-large sized dogs, and less for small dogs. 

How to Safely Treat Your Dogs

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