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Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Looking for new and interesting treats for your pup? Freeze Dried dog treats are an excellent option, providing a clean, delicious way for your dog to enjoy a variety of new flavors. Let’s take a look at some basic information on Freeze Dried dog treats and a few of our favorites here at The Dog Bakery!

Are Freeze Dried Dog Treats Raw?

The short answer is that yes, Freeze Dried dog treats are technically raw. However, it’s a bit more complex than that. Freeze-drying is a technique for preserving food that involves dehydrating food at extremely low temperatures, which removes most of the moisture and kills off foodborne bacteria often found in meat. 

As they’re never actually cooked, Freeze Dried pet treats are still considered raw, but as the moisture and bacteria are gone, they’re non-perishable and completely safe for your pup to enjoy.

Are Freeze Dried Dog Treats Good for Dogs?

Yes! With more conventional dog treats such as biscuits, the presence of cheap fillers and the preparation process gets rid of many useful nutrients, so even if the treats say they use real meat, your pup may not be getting the full benefits.

Freeze Dried dog treats, on the other hand, are just naturally-preserved raw ingredients, so all the rich flavors and nutrients you’d find in raw meat are still there, they’re just shrunken down to a convenient, bite-sized snack for your pup’s snacking pleasure.

Best Freeze Dried Dog Treats

So, with the basic information on Freeze Dried dog treats out of the way, you may be interested in buying some for your pup. If that’s the case, take a look at a few of our recommendations. Each of these treats is a Dog Bakery favorite, so you can be sure that your pup will be thrilled!

Salmon Skins Freeze Dried Dog Chews

First up are our delicious Freeze Dried salmon dog treats! These treats have the delicious fishy flavor of fresh, USA-sourced salmon, and because they’re Freeze Dried, they’re packed with nutrients to boot. Most importantly, there’s a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. As they’re made of pure Freeze Dried salmon for dogs, there are no artificial preservatives, grains, gluten, or cheap fillers, so your dog can indulge in these salmon skins, no matter their dietary needs!

Duck Head Dog Chews

Before anything, let’s address the question you’re probably asking: Freeze Dried duck heads as a treat? Though the idea isn’t all that appealing to us humans, dogs can’t get enough of our duck head dog chews!  And you’re probably wondering are freeze-dried duck heads safe for dogs? Yes. They are 100%. These Freeze Dried dog snacks are crunchy, delicious, and nutritious for our furry friends, providing high-quality single-source protein to your pup in a convenient and mentally-engaging package.

The bones and beak are perfect for promoting oral health, cleaning the teeth as your dog snacks away, and as with all Freeze Dried foods, the original nutrients are preserved, meaning that these treats are full of calcium and phosphorus. Whether you want to help your dog clean their pearly whites or just want to provide them with a tasty snack, these Freeze Dried dog chews are the perfect choice!

Pig Snouts Dog Chews

Pigs snouts for dogs are a delicious, porky, Freeze Dried snack that your furry friends will love. They’re packed to the brim with healthy collagen, cartilage, and other nutrients that promote joint health, and provide a tough, stimulating chewing experience that’s sure to keep your pup entertained. If your pup just can’t wait for their next meal, pigs nose for dogs is the perfect treat to tide them over, containing nothing but 100% high-quality, single-source, all-American pork. Because of this, they’re easily the best on the market for flavor and health benefits alike.

Moo Stick Freeze Dried Dog Chews

Looking for a tough, delicious, and nutrient-packed Freeze Dried dog treat? Look no further than our Moo Stick dog treats! These dog treats are made from cow throat, which boasts a rich, indulgent, beefy flavor, collagen and cartilage that promote your pup’s joint health, and a rough texture that will help keep their teeth clean. In addition, they’re 100% pure beef, so you don’t have to worry about any of your pup’s allergies or food sensitivities whenever they want a snack. Just feel free to toss them a moo stick and let them chow down on these fresh and delicious snacks!

Turkey Necks Freeze Dried Single Ingredient Dog Chews

Made from whole, single-sourced turkey, these turkey neck dog chews are yet another great Freeze Dried dog treat for your pup to enjoy. We put only the utmost attention and care into making these treats, using only the highest-quality turkey and preparing it with only the utmost care and attention. To ensure that each and every turkey neck chew measures up to our high standards of quality, we make them in small batches so that freshness and quality are guaranteed.

Turkey neck is not only delicious for your furry friends, but extremely healthy as well. Each and every chew is full of calcium and phosphorus, which helps promote strong, healthy bones, while their unique texture promotes oral health as well, so your dog will be in tip-top shape from head to toe. A nutritious and novel snack, your furry friend won’t be able to get enough of these Freeze Dried turkey neck chews!

Freeze Dried Bully Stick Dog Chews

For a tough, chewable snack with plenty of nutrients, these Freeze Dried bully sticks are a Dog Bakery classic, and we’re sure your pup will love them too. Made from single-source American beef pizzle, each and every one of these treats are packed with protein, vitamins, and countless other vital nutrients your dog is always hungry for. As with any Freeze Dried treat, the process we use ensures that these nutrients are left completely intact, so your pup will enjoy the full benefits of our all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free beef as well as its rich and indulgent flavor.

These bully sticks make for the perfect snack in between meals, a treat for a special occasion, or even a reward for good behavior. No matter why you’re treating your pup, they’re sure to love our Freeze Dried bully sticks.

Pig Ears Chews for Dogs

Last but certainly not least are our Freeze Dried pig ear chews, a delicious snack for any pup! Many dog owners aren’t a fan of pig ears, as they can leave a greasy residue or upset their furry friend’s stomach, but with our Freeze Dried pig ears, there’s no need to worry! Carefully and precisely Freeze Dried in small batches, we ensure that all the natural nutrients, flavors, and aromas of a delicious pig ear snack are left untouched, while the greasiness and overall mess are gotten rid of.

If you’re concerned about your pup’s safety, there’s no need to worry! Our Freeze Dried pig ears are completely safe for your pup to enjoy, and not to mention, there are plenty of health benefits to boot! With high hydroxyproline content, each and every one of these snacks will promote your pup’s joint health, keeping them feeling spry! Clean enough for pet owners to appreciate but still tasty enough for your pup to enjoy, it goes without saying that our pig ear chews are one of the best Freeze Dried treats on the market.

Looking for more high-quality dog treat options? Visit The Dog Bakery’s shop today!