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You won’t want to miss a visit to our retail shops, located in the charming and historic locations of Old Town Pasadena and the Los Angeles Farmers Market. Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed by the sweet scents of cinnamon, vanilla, and the all-natural doughs rising in our ovens. You’d be surprised how many humans stop in our store, because it smells so delicious. You wouldn’t be surprised how many puppies do. Seems no one -- two-legged or four -- can resist the scent of a fresh baked treat! Not to mention, we’ve got a tasty sample, made from nothing less than quality ingredients, waiting for your pup!

Of course, if you live outside of Los Angeles or simply don’t have have the time to stop in, we won’t deny your pup the delight of the most precious dog treats known to man’s best friend. That’s why we created our online shop -- to provide you with 24/7 access to our delicious inventory of all-natural puppy treats. Right from your couch, with Dusty, Oscar, or Sprout by your side, you can browse through everyday treats, seasonal specials, flavored dog chews, and even order a cake!


Our treats include a variety of inspired cookies, including Blueberry Muffin Cookies, Cheesy Beef Cookies, Choco-Like Chip Cookies, and Peanut Butter Mini Bite Cookies. Like all of our baked snacks, these puppy treats contain no artificial anything, no wheat, corn, soy, or nasty fillers. Made from all-natural ingredients, such as organic spelt flour, whole oat flour, apple juice, eggs, and flax seed oil, these are the perfect go-to snack.

Seasonal Specials

Baked goods and holidays go hand in hand. Just like Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without pumpkin pie, and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without sugar cookies, the holiday season shouldn’t pass without a few HoliDog puppy treats! Our stylishly packaged seasonal treats make the perfect gift for your pup or a friend’s!


Our all-natural chews include bully sticks and natural, peanut butter, vanilla, and beef flavored rawhide. Chews come in different shapes and sizes to suit the many different shapes and sizes of pups out there.

Order a Cake

You’re already planning on buying your pooch a gift (or two… or three…), so why not a cake as well? Just give us 48 hours notice, so we can get a hold of the freshest ingredients. Simply choose the size, shape, and flavor (“chocolate,” peanut, and pink), and don’t forget to request a special carob inscription! Make it wheat free with a our unique gluten free blend of rice flour and potato starch.

We promise: the snapshot alone will be worth the price of the cake. Please call or stop by our store to place an order.

Gift Card

What’s the perfect gift for a Dog Lover? A Gift Card to The Dog Bakery, of course! Thank your neighbor for watching the four-legged love of your life with a gift card both owner and pup can enjoy.

Our Online Store

Whether you live in LA, Nebraska, or even Alberta, you can now enjoy handmade puppy treats for your furry companion delivered right to your door step. Get your paws on the keyboard and order something your pups will love. They’ll be sure to thank you with wagging tails and slobbery kisses!