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You’ve probably heard that rawhide is bad for dogs. Horror stories of needing to rush dogs to the vet after swallowing rawhides and becoming obstructed are abundant on the internet. You might have even been told to stop giving your dog rawhide by your vet—but how dangerous is rawhide for your dog, really, and is there a better option?  

Enter: No-Hide wholesome dog chews. Made to be similar in texture but with fully and easily digestible ingredients, No-Hide chews are easily the best 1:1 alternative to rawhide for dogs. Best of all, these chews come in multiple flavors, sizes, and novel proteins so every dog can enjoy a good chew!

What is a No-Hide Chew?

No-Hide dog chews are designed to look and feel like rawhide but are made from a combination of easy-to-digest ingredients. Carefully hand-crafted and rolled to give your dog a long-lasting chewing experience, No-Hides also feature ingredients that give these chews flavor. We think it’s thanks to these flavors that No-Hide dog chews reviews are so good!

No-Hide Chews Ingredients & Flavors

All No-Hide dog chews ingredients begin with a simple, wholesome protein like chicken, salmon, or venison. After the protein is added, all No-Hides have the same basic ingredients: brown rice flour, agar-agar, organic eggs, olive oil, banana powder, and bromelain (pineapple). 

Thanks to these all-natural ingredients, No-Hides are fully digestible, and won’t cause obstructions if swallowed. 

No-Hide Chew Sizes & How To Choose

To accommodate the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Wolfhound, No-Hides come in four sizes: Stix, Small, Medium, and Large. 

Remember that when choosing a chew, your dog should not be able to fit the entire thing in their mouth, since this poses a choking risk. Choosing the largest size possible for your dog will also increase the amount of time they can spend chewing their No-Hide.

No-Hide Chew Size

Best For Dogs…


Under 10 lbs


10—39 lbs


40—69 lbs


70 lbs and over

Rawhide vs. No-Hide: What’s the Difference?

Rawhides are made from a single ingredient: beef skin. While single-ingredient dog treats are usually a good choice, the way rawhides are treated and prepared makes these chews a less-than-perfect option. 

Most rawhide companies source their animal skin from the leather industry, purchasing off-cuts that cannot be used in product manufacturing. Often, the skin is left sitting for weeks or months before it begins the treatment process, and must be treated to remove any decay before being processed to become chews. 

To separate the layers of skin, rawhide is soaked in caustic chemicals like lime, then scraped and cut to remove hair, fat, and flesh. Often, rawhide is also bleached to help with preservation, and to produce a more appealing color. Although the rawhide is rinsed thoroughly before being formed into chews, some may still harbor chemical residue from the manufacturing process. 

Are Rawhide Chews Dangerous for Dogs?

Rawhide chews are not intended to be a digestible treat. Ideally, a dog given a rawhide should chew on it for a long time, and shouldn’t be interested in swallowing their chew. Once fully treated and dried, rawhide is both extremely hard and brittle. Because of this, there is some risk that your dog could bite off and swallow chunks. 

Rawhide is not easily digestible, and can create bowel obstructions that require veterinary intervention. While the risk of this is relatively small, it’s best not to give rawhide to dogs who are aggressive/heavy chewers or like to swallow their chews.

So, yes, rawhide can be dangerous for your dog, especially if they are a heavy chewer.

No-Hide Dog Chews FAQ

Let’s take a look at some of the common questions we get about No-Hide dog chews. Chances are good someone else has already asked one that’s on your mind!

Are No-Hide dog chews safe for puppies?

Yes! You can safely buy No-Hide chews for puppies. Just be sure to choose the right size for their breed and chewing level.

Are No-Hide dog chews digestible? 

Yes! No-Hide dog chews are fully and easily digestible. 

Is rawhide digestible for dogs?

No! Rawhide cannot be fully digested, and can cause intestinal blockages as a result. 

Do vets recommend rawhide?

While some vets recommend giving dogs rawhide for dental health and entertainment, most will also agree that they pose a risk to dogs that are heavy chewers or like to swallow their chews. No-Hides have all the same benefits of rawhide chews for dogs but are completely digestible. 

How long does No-Hide last?

How long a No-Hide will last will depend on how heavily your dog chews! Some dogs can make a No-Hide last a full week, while others will tear through one in an hour.