10 Really Famous Senior Dogs On Instagram

Instagram... a dog lovers paradise! If you are anything like me, my Instagram feed is full of dogs. I follow more dog accounts on Instagram than humans and I love that whatever time of day a quick scroll will fill me with joy and happiness seeing these cute, playful and mischievous doggies smiling back at me.

But while I love a puppy staring into the camera with those beautiful big eyes, there is also a space in my feed, and heart, for senior dogs! And I am not the only one who feels the same... millions of people are following suit... here is our list, in no particular order, of top ten #InstaFamousSeniorDogs

#1 @WOLFGANG2242

Wolfgang became an instafamous account with the intention of spreading the love for adopting senior pets. Steve (The human) started adopting the "unadoptable" animals and has shared his heartwarming stories via Instagram to show the world that senior dogs have a place in a family too.

#2 @r_ose

Rose (The human) started adopting Pomeranian's back in 2009 and has documented the growth of her family, learning how to take care and of course sharing the most adorable photos of her PomPoms. Her tag line: "A happy life with a bunch of dogs" Is a perfect summary of her dogtastic account.

#3 @olderlabs

This page is not dedicated to just one dog but instead a collective page for Labradors growing older gracefully, and sometimes not so gracefully. A project to showcase the beauty of this wonderful breed as they age.

#4 @lil.hobbs

Lil Hobbs was a street dog found in the Bronx, he was adopted and became instafamous thanks to his cool persona. Now living the high life in San Diego Lil Hobbs has no bad angles...


Senior Dog Wins 1st Place In Pie Eating Contest

 What could be cuter than senior dogs eating pie? Seriously. Nothing. Check out this heart-warming video from Rocky Kanaka.

#5 @myotherusernameisbetter_

Great Dane lovers, be prepared to fall in love, Ella the Great Dane is 9 years old and living the crazy life in Germany with her human Julie. Winner of the German petfluencers in 2019 it is not hard to see why when you take a look at her profile.

#6 @balithegreyhound

Bali is a retired greyhound now passing his retirement in Montreal. Bali shows that even during the golden years, senior dogs bring so much to a family and just because you are retired doesn't mean you can't stay in shape...

#7 @loki

Loki the wolfdog has been breaking hearts since 2012 and he has certainly stolen mine! Who could not fall in love with those big blue eyes! Follow Loki & his family on their great outdoor adventures to see that just because the years are ticking by, you can still get lost in the great outdoors.

#8 @the_kardoggians

Chloe Kardoggian was a true inspiration to follow and a wonderful dog who sadly passed away in 2018. In her legacy, as a senior rescue dog, The Kardoggians was born, a senior rescue center in NYC.

#9 @marniethedog

Rescued at 11 and now 17 Marnie is a true senior dog celebrity with over 1.9 million followers on Instagram. She is a lady who urges you to adopt senior and a quick scroll through her photos and you can see the class and style this older pooch brings to the table.

#10 @beo_and_inca

Beo is a blind doggy but doesn't let that faze him, Inca is always around to keep him out of trouble. This account shows that senior dogs or dogs with disabilities are still worthy of our love and affection and can bring joy to any family. 

And there you have it, our top ten list. There are hundreds, thousands, of accounts on Instagram that show just how beautiful, kind and loving senior dogs are. This list was just a few of our favorites but if you search #seniordogs or #seniordogsrock you will find many many more.

Rocky Kanaka

Rocky Kanaka is an entrepreneur, pet rescue advocate and dog dad to a rescue boxer named Flip, a blind Cane Corso called Kobe, and a terrier mix named Zoey. He's also a pet chef and owner of The Dog Bakery, which specializes in dog birthday cakes and fresh baked dog treats. His three dogs can't get enough of the dog cakes and treats!

Lorna Ladd

Lorna Paxton Ladd is a passionate dog lover and enthusiast of The Dog Bakery. She loves spoiling her 3 rescue dogs with dog cakes and jerky. A 15 year veteran in the pet industry, her aim is to educate pet parents on the best recipes, products, tips and tricks to optimize the human/canine bond. Her favorite product at The Dog Bakery are the customizable dog birthday cakes.