• {"alt"=>"Coffee Wood Dog Chew Sticks"}
  • {"alt"=>"Coffee Wood Dog Chew Sticks"}
  • {"alt"=>"Coffee Wood Dog Chew Sticks"}
  • Coffee Wood Dog Chew Sticks
  • Coffee Wood Dog Chew Sticks
  • Coffee Wood Dog Chew Sticks

Coffee Wood Dog Chew Sticks

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Are you tired of your dog chewing everything in sight? Look no further! Our chew sticks are made from the best materials Mother Nature has to offer - and no, we're not talking about your favorite shoes.

We use coffee wood, which is way harder than your average wood, so our sticks are extra tough and less likely to splinter. That means more chew time for your furry friend and less stress for you.

And since coffee wood is a natural byproduct of coffee production, we're not cutting down any trees just to make chew sticks. It's a win-win for your dog and the environment.

Plus, our sticks come in different sizes to fit all dogs, from teacup pups to Great Danes. Has your enthusiasm for coffee wood chews percolated enough to purchase one? If not here's a few more reasons:

Why Our Coffee Wood Chews Are A Whole Latte Fun:

  • A perfect way to relieve stress
  • Reduces tension in new surroundings or while traveling
  • Helps to cope with behavioral issues 
  • Strengthens teeth and keeps them clean
  • Reduces boredom and increases pleasure
  • Vegan
  • Zero Calories
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Extra tough
  • Long lasting

Size (may vary slightly):

Extra Small- Length 7", Width 1" (For dogs up to 10lbs)

Small- Length 8", Width 1.25" (For dogs up to 20lbs)

Medium- Length 9", Width 1.5" (For dogs up to 40lbs)

Large- Length 10", Width 2" (For dogs from 40lbs)

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